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5 years ago

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I'm currently trying to apply to go back to university!1 Or rather, to go to university properly this time; I did go a few years ago to one in Australia, but I dropped out due to the whole moving back to the UK thing, and since then I've just been trying to make games.

I'm going to do a 'Game Art' course in one of three UK-based universities, and it seems like it'll be much more up my street than the blander, more technical 'Game Development' thing I did years ago, which was mainly cold and lifeless programming. The design aspects are always my favourite parts, and art is currently perhaps a bigger part of my life than ever.

Speaking of art, yet again I'm going to fill my post with pretty pictures for you to ogle, to make up for the fact that the university stuff has been taking up my game development time this last week (since the deadline is this Sunday, and I've put it off until the last minute).
Look! Painty faces of MARDEK characters! Wow! Gasp!

This is Rohoph in Mardek's body! Doesn't he look like a happy chappy?

This is Deugan's head and also a green wolf's head, for some reason. IT'S NOT ARK THOUGH.

And this is Emela, looking unintentionally bored and miserable because I need to work on my facial expression drawing skills.

I also drew a self portrait of my own ugly mug, but you don't need to see that; even I can't bear to look at it!

Yet another thing that I'm sure you'll all SPOIL YOUR PANTALOONS over is this long and tedious thing about Myers-Briggs that might shed light on a lot of things if you bother to read it!!11!1

Did you read it?!? Did you learn anything?!?

Either way, hello. I'm probably not going to do much on games over the next week due to the university deadline and my worries about that, but afterwards, I'll be able to focus on them quite a bit, so I should make good progress on Programon and Clarence RPG! Hopefully!!

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It's such a pleasure to see more and more of your art work! I'm a rather quiet fan of your art. It's easy to imagine another world painted with colors as vibrant and alive as the ones you use.

Anyway, I particularly like Deugan's image here. His hair seems almost alive with its different shades. I also like the contrasting shades of green you use all around. I'm not a big fan of pictures with too much colors, and I prefer those with around 3 or so colors that are made dynamic by a play of shading. I guess that's why I like this one.

I also like Emela's image, but mostly because it has red and blue all over which are my favorite colors... I also like the way you captured the expression. I find it pretty accurate from the set of her mouth, to the raise of her brow, and even to the darker shade above her eyes.

I can't say I like the image of Rohoph though... It seems like a rather cruel use of Mardek in my eyes. By use, I mean Rohoph in Mardek's body, but not with Mardek's expression. It's unnerving. The art itself is wonderful though specially because it can unnerve me so... Other than the boring-some hair, I have no strong complaints about the picture.

I think I would be envious of your art if I had no idea how much effort you put into making them, refining them. Instead of envy, I feel admiration for you and your art.

And uhh... hi hi!

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Hey, Pseudo, I didn't want to spend a long time making a big post, but I found a site that gives some pretty neat info on the four processes that DON'T fall into your 'main' four, if you're interested. It's here: ∞ LINK ∞

This site calls them the 'Shadow Processes', because they tend to work in the background and are often like negative images of the main functions.

The site also gives a very different (and in my opinion very helpful) breakdown of the roles of the primary functions as well. Definitely worth a look if you have a spare moment.

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Abbx 22 Pakistan SanguineMelancholic ENFJ 3w4 573C
By the way, I noticed how Mardek's cheekbones make the shadowed part of his face look malnutritioned and weak and set inside a hole in his face.

For both Mardek and Deugan, I think that the lighting and shadowing is too much for the cheekbones.

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Urgmathron 24 United States MelancholicCholeric INTJ 514 55C
You say that you aren't any good at facial expressions, yet both Mardek (Rohoph actually) and Deugan have rather expressive looks about them. I think you're just fine with expressions, certainly I haven't had any problems with your earlier art. Perhaps for whatever reason you just dislike the Emela portrait? How did you intend to portray her?

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For people who cannot view the MBTI page, here's a link to the original image: ∞ LINK ∞ You just have to click to zoom in and it should be easily readable.
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Why is it that you painted Mardeck characters if you have already voiced that you most likely won't even think about working on that game for quite a while in the foreseeable future? Seems like it will only serve to cause more nagging to work on it.

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Ribbit 27 Germany MelancholicCholeric ISTJ 1127C
It's not that pseudo doesn't want to work on Mardek, he just lacks the motivation for it, out of several reasons, I am not qualified to explain. Since working on his art is currently very important to him, this is a good way to slowly start trying to get some motivation for Mardek, for future uses. Or something. And then there's the simple practical issue that drawing old characters anew is a good way to show the progress one made with art skills. And that more people would be interested in paintings of Mardek characters.

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Sorry, but I can't read the Myers-Briggs, the text is too small, could you please link the original? thanks in advance.

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I really love the Deliverance reference. Made my day. Ark was definitely my second-favorite ally.. Not just an extreme strong, intelligent, green wolf, but a shapeshifting green wolf as well!

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DarthKitty 22 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 153 337C
No offense, but the MBTI thing is really, really small, even when zoomed in. I can't read it at all, sorry. :(

Anyway, the art is awesome, as usual, and I'm glad to hear things seem to be looking more in the general direction of "up" than the past few months. Unless I misunderstood the mood of your post, or if you're lying to us for some weird reason probably related to the illuminati, the FBI/[YOUR LOCAL THING HERE], and crop circles. Yeah.

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You seem very excited; hopefully everything works out alright! Looking forward to future updates, and the art looks fantastic as usual.