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Programon Types (EDIT 3)

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I know I've been going on about my ~emotions~ for weeks, unintentionally offending a large percentage of my audience, and not releasing any new games or anything... and I know that must get annoying!1

SO I think I'll write some posts about game development to try to make up for that.

I mentioned the other day that I was thinking of making a game with silly Pokemon-like types, and I listed a few ideas. I'm still thinking about that, and I've developed my ideas further!

I have a potential in-development name for the game: 'Programon'. This comes from two possible ideas for the game's setting.

I heard this really fascinating concept on a radio programme the other day! It mentioned a realistic form of reincarnation, where upon your death, you'll find yourself instantly resurrected in the distant future, in a computer program at the end of the universe which had been built by a hyper-advanced race in order to simulate everything that existed before the universe was destroyed, including, of course, you.
It's a fairly outlandish concept, but fascinating, particularly for fantasy.
I wondered whether the game could be set in such a setting... It'd start with your character's funeral in the real world, but then you'd wake up in this strange world called 'The Program' (since it is of course a computer program).
It would be imperfect, however, and monsters - 'bugs' - would have arisen from the code based on things like peoples' thoughts and ideas (which is why they'd have types like Religion and Food).
Then you'd, uh, train them for some reason.

That's very similar to Beast Signer, so I thought that maybe I could just use the story of that... where you're a Signer who goes into the virtual world that was built on a war-torn planet for the survivors to live better lives in. And stuff. Monsters could still be called 'bugs' rather than 'beasts', and the virtual world could still be called 'The Program'.

I'd prefer to develop my ideas alone, so I'm not looking for suggestions, BUT I thought it might at least be interesting for people to read about my ideas anyway, so they can watch the game develop over time.

I thought more about the types, and what they might be weak against or resistant to; an amusing exercise! Here's an image of what I have so far:

UPDATE 3: Changes to the grid, of course!

UPDATE 2: I've done a complete overhaul of the weaknesses and resistances in order to make it not too crowded. It's not yet balanced though!

UPDATE 1: The grid no longer corresponds to the rationalisations below, as I've altered it based on suggestions and my own ideas.
I'm wondering whether to reduce the number of weaknesses and resistances for each type though; Pokemon types tend to probably only have 'three or four' weaknesses and resistances each, while I've got loads and loads of relationships. HMM.

And here are the rationalisations for those relationships (based on the effects of an attacker's strike):

- Evolved to kill other animals
- Devours food
- Can't really damage buildings
- Or metal gadgets
- Or ghosts and the unexplained
- Technology and science of all kinds is animal-proof, in fact

- Is land-based and can't hit flying things
- Gnaws on bones, destroying undead
- Devours food
- Smashes up buildings
- Is thwarted by technology
- Devours pirates
- And ninja
- Is useless against ghosts and aliens
- Disproves religion
- Is merely a specimen to science
- Can't do much against magic

- Has the upper hand against land-based animals
- And dinosaurs
- And forest creatures
- Can blow away filth
- Can barely make a mark on buildings
- Or technology
- Swoops away pirates
- And ninja
- Is useless against ghosts and aliens
- Isn't great against the laws of science

- Their powers of darkness are partly absorbed by other dark creatures
- They corrupt nature, being unnatural abominations as they are
- Useless against the power of love!!
- Their dark energies can destroy ghosts and aliens
- They are weak against holy things
- They baffle and stun science

- Is land-based, and can't really reach airborne things
- Struggles against unnatural abominations
- Struggles to ward away filth
- Can destroy buildings
- Resisted by technology
- Conquered by pirates
- Helpless against the supernatural
- And the divine
- Explained by science, can't fight back
- Useless against magic that defies the laws on nature

- Stuffs and bloats animals
- And dinosaurs
- Is refused by undead
- Architecture doesn't eat
- Pirates will stop their rampages for a good meal
- Refused by ghosts and aliens

- Makes animals ill
- Doesn't stick to airborne things
- Blends in with nature
- Rots food
- Blends in with other filth
- Dilapidates buildings
- Rusts and clogs up gadgets
- Doesn't bother filthy pirates
- Disgusts religions, as is clear by many of their commandments
- Is easily waved away by magic

- Can't do much against moving targets
- Especially if they're airborne!
- Encroaches upon and destroys nature
- Is controlled by gadgets
- Can contain paranormal phenomena
- Can cause religious types to want to worship
- Is easily warded by science
- Is putty in the hands of magic

- Cleans up filth
- Hacks other gadgets
- Is ignored when love shows up
- Not yet able to detect paranormal phenomena reliably!
- Shunned by religion
- Impresses science types
- Doesn't impress magical types

- Tames beasts
- Doesn't tame dinosaurs
- Is ignored by the undead
- Isn't much appreciated by foodstuffs
- Is laughed at by filth
- Doesn't affect buildings
- Or technology
- Loves love!
- All pirates need is a hug!
- Ninja too!
- "What is this thing you humans call 'love'?"
- Pacifies the religious, who hold it as a value
- Dissected by cold science
- The strongest magic of all!!

- Struggles when fighting giant extinct lizards; not really their area of expertise
- Can't reach flying things very well
- Unfamiliar with battling unholy horrors
- Devours food
- Likes breaking furniture and smashing up towns
- Holds back against other pirates due to a Pirate's Code
- Hates and defeats ninja!
- Smashes up science!
- Terrible when faced by magic

- Also unfamiliar with battling ancient thunder lizards
- And can't reach flying things
- Familiar with myths and legends; used to battling eldritch phantasms and such
- Prefers not to destroy buildings
- Hates and defeats pirates
- Reluctant to defeat other ninja
- Familiarity with magic and monsters leads to effectiveness against the paranormal
- And magic

- Ignored completely by animals
- Wishy-washy unexplained phenomena pale in comparison to real dark magic
- Supernatural; better than nature!
- Haunts houses; aliens zap buildings
- No good at leaving an impression on gadgets
- Scares pirates
- Ninja are prepared, though
- Competent within its own familiar domain
- Explained away by religion
- Baffles scientists
- Warded by magicians

- Can't explain dinosaurs very well
- Turns undead
- Can't preach to a building
- Or to gadgets
- Love listens
- Shunned by pirates
- And ninja; contrasts too much with their lifestyles
- Explains away the paranormal
- Rejected by science

- Explains dinosaurs
- Can't explain undead
- Still struggling to explain nature
- Cleans up filth
- Hacks gadgets
- Ignored by love
- Can't explain the paranormal
- Criticises religion heavily
- Can't explain magic
- Or art

- Destroys dark magic
- Inferior to nature
- Doesn't do much to technology
- Ignored by love
- Defeats pirates
- The best defence against the unknown
- Trumps science
- Resisted by other wizards

- Not understood by animals
- Or dinosaurs
- Or the undead
- Captures nature
- Ruined by filth
- Well-received by love
- Ignored by pirates
- And ninja
- Captures religious ideas
- Impresses wizards
- Enjoyed by other artists
- Scoffed at by musicians, who feel superior

- Ignored by animals
- And dinosaurs
- And the undead
- Well-received by love
- Scoffed at by artists
- Enjoyed by other magicians

Phew. Well, that took ages!

These are not at all balanced!! I only went through them once, and the numbers don't exactly add up; there are no doubt many types that are significantly inferior to others.

Instead of spending forever tweaking things myself, though, I thought I'd - gasp - actually ask people here what they thought.
So if you have any suggestions for type relationships that should be added, removed, changed, or whatever, in order to better balance the grid, then I'd be interested in hearing them! I won't necessarily accept *all* suggestions, but I'll keep altering this based on what people say, and we'll see if it's any better in a few days' time.

I may not necessarily keep all of these types! But for now, there seem to be enough of them and they are fairly interesting and unusual!

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Hahaha this looks fantastic! I don't have many suggestions to contribute other than, on a cursory examination, things seem somewhat balanced and mostly logical which is always important!

Didn't check in before grid was updated or anything, but right now it currently looks pretty similar to a standard Pokemon type chart in the amount of weaknesses, resistances, and immunities.

Anyways, loving the ideas being thrown around so far. I would also like to petition for the addition of a Fig type. No clue how it would fit in to the above chart, but I deem it a silly enough type to fit in with the game. Just an idea.

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It seems that Gadget has the best Resistance to Weakness ratio... so far.

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in my own opinion there are to many realtionships between all the species. this will make it very hard to remember in the beginning and you would actually have to do a bit of study before you can make somewhat proper decisions. so i would balance the grid more closely to theone from pokemon to make it easier or include a clear tutorial (which can be skipped) so you can learn the type matchups.

but this is my opinion though.......

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nikalagarto 20 Mexico PhlegmaticCholeric INFJ 259 4C
Hey, this looks like it was fun to make, thinking in ways one relates to another. I may have some minor dis-agreements, but I think it's great. Of course, they need to be a bit more balanced (See, this time I read the whole post!) but that, as you said (though in other words.) will come in a bit of time.

Oh, and by the way, this posts are making me exited! All this miasmon stuff, and the timid cervid project sound amazing!


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Question: How can you offend people by posting your emotions? It sounds to me like someone's got a pretty bad case of butthurt-trollitis.

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Are we planning to have balanced strengths and weaknesses? So how do complete resistances factor into this? I see the balancing as a (X2) factor to be a +1, a (X0.5) to be a -1, and then a (X 0) to be a -2.
Using this scale, the graph still seems pretty unbalanced.

Unless Miasmon will be more like Pokemon, where not every type has to have balanced out strengths and weaknesses, then that would mean my point is moot.

Also, is there a possiblity of contradictory dual typing? Something like a combo of Religion, Magic, or Science? Maybe a Pirate/Ninja monster? I'm trying to imagine such a creature. Whatever.

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Excuse me if you've explained this already, but what happens when a 'paranormal' comes in a fight with an 'animal'? Both do 0% damage so the fight will be endless?

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If you ever get in a situation where both opponents only able to use types of attacks that are completely ineffective, then you've probably made some mistake when playing and team-building. o.o

Miasmon and Pokémon have such complete resistances too, but I never find myself in a situation of being completely unable to do damage, especially since it can be assumed that every Programon would have attacks from more than just their own type [I'd except so at least]. In any case, it can be assumed that either monster would have some attack that would hit the opponent.

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So, A β Pseudolonewolf did ask people for suggestions for type effectiveness, and said that I could use Paint to refill in some boxes with suggestions since he was apparently somewhat keen on them, and I managed to produce this revised version of this revised version! ∞ LINK ∞
As you can see, I edited some of the boxes to new colours, it should be self explanatory!

I do think this is balanced, the numbers on the side should help with explaining...

For good measure, I'll give my reasoning for each type on why I did[n't] change things. It's mostly me explaining any additions and noting on new balances of types.

01. Animal: I do like the relation of Ghost and Normal in Pokémon, and wanted to use it here too. You could make them both red, but I like the idea that the paranormal and dreadfully normal are poorly capable of fighting one another. EDIT I forgot to mention: Animal is also weak to music, because animals are affected and distracted by music!

02. Dinosaur: this I kept as it was, I think it made sense and didn't need balancing either.

03. Airborne: Ditto

04. Undead: I didn't change it, but he does have an extra resistance.

05. Nature: This one changed a lot! It was very poor defensively before, so a Music resistance seemed like it would be nice, and I do like the idea that the natural sounds block the Music out,
especially the buzzing of Insects and their hive minds. Offensively, it beats Gadget, which is useful, but I also made it beat magic to offset its worse defenses, and because I can see Nature as a source of Magic and being superiour, thus being able to beat it. Magic is bad versus Nature for that reason too, right? Anyway, as Magic is a type with only 2 weaknesses, this can be a good asset for the Nature type.

06. Food: Food also got a defensive buff, I can see religion as the type to do fasting and moderation, so they'd be tempted by food and would perform bad against it! I also made it stuff Ninjas, Ninjas aren't immune versus hunger, of course, and removed the Paranormal resistance, since it wasn't all that intuitive of a resistance and food could use an offensive boost.

07. Filth: I didn't really think Religion being weak to Filth made all that much sense, while Filth being able to jam and rust Gadgets and being able to pollute and decay buildings made more sense and balanced those types. I also made them weak to Magic because of magic's more positive powers being able to quell the foulness of Filth... Kinda like Psychic > Poison, or something...? It's more balanced like that too, since Filth is a good attacking type.

08. Architecture: Architecture was good defensively without being bad at offense, so I added some weaknesses, especially to offset its two full resistances. Filth because of above mentioned reasons, paranormal because the paranormal haunts buildings or destroys them [Blow up all the monuments! Alien attack!], and Art decorates buildings and invades it. I just think that art beating buildings and such makes sense, okay. o.o It's a risky defensive type, but has lots of resistances as well! That said, as an offensive type it is not that good to offset the complete immunities.

09. Gadget: Oh myyy, Gadget was even more defensive than Architecture, so I made it a bit more balanced defensively, and gave it some weak attacks. They are not good against Magic and Religion now because both tend to look down upon such earthly matters and prefer the arcane, imaginative and divine. [We have no time for gadgets! God/Magic calls for us!] I also made them weak to Filth, and removed the resistance against Pirate, since I didn't think it had that much basis, and Pirate was not too well off anyway. Yeah, this may be my most controversial edited type. ^^'

10. Love: Love needed no changes, huzzah!

11. Pirate: I removed the weak attack versus Gadget and made them weak versus other Pirates! I just like the idea of a Pirate-Code, and the type did need some help with balancing! Pirates are also too free-spirited and busy raping and pillaging to bother much with Religion. It also was balancing, that resistance.

12. Ninja: Weak to food since they get stuffed, but they do resist Magic, due to their knowledge of the arcane and basic anti-magic training. The type had little resistances and weaknesses before, so this also makes it more interesting!

13. Paranormal: Bad against Animal for reasons already known, but they do beat Architecture by haunting and sheer destruction. No resistance against food, since I can see cryptids and such not refuse food, and aliens being interested in our foodstuffs. It's a risky defensive type, but has lots of resistances as well!

14. Religion: It's bad against food and pirates for reasons not unknown, but it beats Science this time around, gasp! Well, it does seem like a lot of people would prefer it like that, plus, I like how they'd be like Ninja/Pirate because of that! Now resists filth and gadget because of reasons I already explained, but also Magic! I can imagine Religious types condemning Magic and the magical as blasphemous, and them not believing in that kind of hocus-pocus makes it weaker! As a type, it has more resistances but also more attacks that are ineffective.

15. Science: Now weak to religion, but that's it, it's a balanced type.

16. Magic: Magic beats Filth because Filth has poor Special Defense! And other reasons, but also balance! However, it's bad versus Ninjas and Religion for reasons I already divulged.

17. Art: I like this type, that's probably why it has an extra super-effective attack. :P Still, I like art invading and sprucing up Architecture counting as Art beating Architecture, and Art also captures the paranormal, explains the in-explainable, Which is why they fear Art. Yes. Hey, Paranormal could use a weakness, and A β Pseudolonewolf liked the idea before. :P Art also inspires music! And the other way around! Again, I like how this translates into the types beating each other, and it's the same for Art beating Art and Music beating Music, right? EDIT It seems art beats 6 types and is not good against 4, rather than 5... That's obviously not very balanced, hmm. I suppose that's the worst offender of the bunch, then.

18. Music: Nothing new here to explain, bad versus Nature because Nature has its own rhythm and the sounds of nature block out the music and vegetation + music does not compute. Music inspires art, art inspires music, yay!


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Raligon 24 United States SanguinePhlegmatic ENTP 792 240C
I really like this, except... I'd adjust Gadget somehow. It's by far the worst type in this structure. There are only three types that have more weaknesses than strengths, and it has not just one (making it one of the 3 worst types), but 2 (making it by far the worst). :(

It's not really good to criticize your hard work (that's mostly really good!) without a solution. So I looked at the table. One of the most balanced solutions I could come up for this problem with gadgets would be to make gadgets strong against the undead (the only thing normal things have to fight the undead are gadgets? Or the undead just don't understand how to defend against being attacked by gadgets since they're designed to fight living things?). This would bring gadget closer to average, from a significantly more weak than effective 3/5 to a slightly more weak than effective 4/5. It would only bring undead from a more effective than weak 4/3 to a equally effective and weak 4/4.

(Equally balanced would be to do the same with food or nature, since both have the same ratio as the undead do.)

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I'm glad you liked it, and value your feedback a lot! You shouldn't feel bad at all for suggesting something like that!

Hmm, and I do suppose Gadget was going to be the troublesome type the moment I started editing the chart. :P

For the record though, I think Gadget does have the best defensive type, at 4 weaknesses but 6 resistances, and there's also lots of types with just 3 strong attacking types, but I can see 5 types resisting it being maybe too much, hmm! I sort of imagined it as a Steel type, which in Pokemon is this defensive force, but its attacks only are good versus the already defensively-bad Rock and Ice.

You do have a good point regarding Undead though, I think Undead and Art are the only types with some advantage without having any real drawback, since I tried to give all other types compensation for having too many weaknesses or resistances.

I can see why Gadget would beat the Undead anyway, since Robots are mechanical constructs and the Undead are poorly-equipped to deal with it! [They can invade buildings, so that's why I didn't make them no-good versus architecture] Still, that may be more that Gadget resists Undead... But I think it could work, maybe. It'd balance both types out, and it would give Gadget the role of defensive-but-poor-offense!

Oh, but Food and Nature are types that I went out of my way to make better at defense, they're the only ones with more weaknesses than resistances, together with Filth. I wouldn't want to make Gadget good against them, since both are already frailer than resistance-ful, and have only one extra super-effectiveness to balance it out.

I always compare my numbers by comparing the two number tables on the bottom and the right, so maybe you made some mistake in reversing weaknesses and resistances, but your point on Gadget and Undead does hold well, I think!

Hmm, something I realized is that Ninja could be bad against Ninja, since that'd not make the type much less balanced, the defensive and offensive aspects cancel each other out, and it'd mirror the Pirate resisting Pirate! Maybe because Ninjas and Pirates hate one another that much, that they hate to fight themselves, an ally in their struggle versus the other type!

Love could also beat Love, I think! I mean, Love does seem like the type of thing that strongly affects Love. :P

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Raligon 24 United States SanguinePhlegmatic ENTP 792 240C
Yes. I missed that there were differences between the two sets of numbers.

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Silanine 25 United States ISTJ 6w5 46C
On the animal vs music one, I definitely agree that they're affected, and an example is my sister's fish that used to mellow out or get kind of riled up depending on the music that she had playing. Maybe it doesn't have to be super effective... but it seems like it should have some effect.

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Actually, it seems like I did add a Music-versus-Animal super-effectiveness, I just forgot to mention it, oops!

I do agree with your point, and I said the same in an earlier reply to A β Pseudolonewolf's post, but it seems I didn't mention it here because I overlooked that little square. Still, I'm glad to hear that particular super-effectiveness makes sense!

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Thank you for taking the time to do this! Unfortunately I won't be going with *all* your suggested changes, but some will definitely be in there!

I don't want to go too overboard with the number of type relationships; I like each type being super effective and ineffective against three types each, with few exceptions, and that's how I planned the squares in the image... though the defences weren't balanced at all.

Anyway, I'll go through these suggestions in order...

01. Animal: I'll make them weak to music, I suppose, though I've never fully understood why Normal is immune to Ghost other than for 'balance reasons'. I could imagine animals lacking the mental capacity for superstition, but I wonder whether to make them *resistant* to Paranormal rather than immune. In many ways, I see Paranormal as being like a combination of Ghost, Psychic and even Dark... and Normal being immune to Psychic seems weird! Or was it that way in the Pokemon card game...? I can't remember!
Hmm... It would add another immunity to the grid though - and there are few of those - and I suppose I could imagine animals being mindless and being unaffected by psychological things... Oh, I'll just make it an immunity for now, then!

04. Undead: I feel that types with one more resistance than weakness would work okay; types with more weaknesses than resistances seem less balanced though!

05. Nature: I want to change this a lot; I didn't notice it had way more weaknesses than resistances. I'll make it resist music (though that seems partly odd to me when thinking of satyrs with panpipes and stuff, resisting music... though insects and plants being deaf to it makes more sense, and if it beats magic, and satyrs were Nature/Magic, then that all makes sense!1).
I feel like I should change one of its weaknesses into a resistance... though I can't decide on one.
I see Airborne as beating it in the same way that Flying beats Grass and Bug, while Undead and Paranormal are *supernatural* and therefore super-effective against nature... Architecture encroaches upon Nature, and I can't really think what else Architecture could be strong against, so it needs that... Maybe it could resist Love...?! Because nature is a harsh and merciless place. Or something. And plants and insects aren't exactly receptive to affection or cuteness.
For now, I'll add that, but I am open to better suggestions.

06. Food: This beating Ninja and resisting religion is fine, I suppose... though I see it as ineffective against Paranormal because ghosts don't eat much, and aliens would find it unpalatable (I've seen aliens saying "this is what you humans call food?!" a lot in sci-if, as a trope).
This makes it strong against four and weak against four, offensively, which I prefer to 4/3.

07. Filth: I made Filth beat Religion because religion tends to be fairly prudish; the Bible for example CONSTANTLY speaks of various bodily fluids as if they're the most disgusting thing in the world, and I can imagine these pure, angelic monsters being more disgusted by filth than others because it's sinful and impure and everything.
However, it beating architecture and gadgets *also* makes sense... though I don't want to make it too powerful, so hmm.
And I could see magic cleaning it away... though I don't want magic to be too powerful...
I'll come back to this one maybe.

08. Architecture: I see these as similar to Rock and Steel, in some ways... I've always thought of Rock as a good defensive type (though it isn't; I only think that because of the role Brock's gym played in generation 1), and like the idea of Architecture being a type which is difficult to damage, but can't really do very much damage either. They are *buildings* and furniture, after all! Not the scariest things in the world, but hard to knock down.
I can't remember why I ever made Architecture beat Gadget, so I'm going to remove that for now.
It does *make sense* for Paranormal, Filth and Art to beat Architecture, but I'm reluctant to give it as many weaknesses as resistances because it takes away from that whole 'defensive type' thing... so HMM. I also don't like the idea of having *too many* type relationships; "it resists most things except two or three weak points" seems better to me than "it resists loads of things but is weak to loads of other things".

09. Gadget: This was TOO defensive, and does need more weaknesses. I could see Filth being one... though I'm not sure, because then Filth might be too good offensively. Hmm...
I will remove the Pirate resistance though; I thought Pirates might be bewildered by modern technology and robots, their old-fashioned attacks deflected, but it's more likely that they'd just smash things indiscriminately.
I think I'll also make Gadget neutral towards itself; robots smashing robots seems like an even match.
Why did I make Nature good against Gadget? o_O
That doesn't make much sense to me, so I might change that... though I don't know what to. I'll make Filth good against it instead.

11. Pirate: The 'Pirate Code' thing does make some sense, but at the same time, I can imagine pirates constantly killing eachother to remain dominant and so on... and it seems a bit weird to think of one pirate monster battling another and doing poorly, despite both of them supposedly being all fighty and stuff. It'd be sort of like if Fighting were bad against Fighting or something. o_O
But that not-effective square needs to go *somewhere*... I'm tempted to put in in the Paranormal column, but maybe that's already too bloated. HMM.

12. Ninja: They're now weak against Food and resist Magic!

13. Paranormal: I've made them immune against Animal attacks, but I do want to keep the food resistance for reasons I already mentioned, and Architecture already has enough weaknesses with 4... I'd rather it had fewer than that, actually.
Paranormal has too many weaknesses too (actually, I'd like to reduce that), so I don't want to also make it weak against Art even if that would make some sense...

14. Religion: The driving thought behind making this system in the first place was the amusement I got about the thought of a Science type beating a Religion type, so I'm not going to make it the exact opposite of that. Are scientists impressed by supposed miracles? The mysticism of religion is more likely to make a scientist roll their eyes than to overwhelm them with awe; that's why I see Religion as being easily shrugged off by Science... while many peoples' religious beliefs are apparently destroyed by becoming scientists and learning of the evidence.
I could see the whole 'religion explains things that science doesn't and transcends it!!!' explanation for the *opposite* relationship, but that doesn't hold water for me, nor would it be satisfying to add to a game that I'm going to be spending time making.
I have made them resist Gadget, Pirate and Food, and maybe I'll make them resist Magic... but hmm; it seems like there are too many squares around this part of the grid at the moment. Like I need to remove some.

16. Magic: I've made it beat Filth, but now it's strong against 5 and resisted by 6 on my grid... I like it being able to beat a lot - it is *magic*, after all - but it being resisted by loads doesn't seem right; maybe I'll try to remove some of those.
I could see it as a 'squishy wizard' type, similar to Ice; strong against many types, but also easily defeated. I should give it more weaknesses then because of that... I could see maybe Religion beating it...? HMM.
I think I'll make it neutral when hitting Art or Music...

17. Art: I'm not sure about this... I certainly don't want anything to beat more than 5 types, so I suppose the strong-vs-Music one is the first to go. I don't like Art beating more than 3 or 4, actually, but it's difficult to choose which ones because there are decent reasons for all of them. I suppose the whole reason I redid the grid was to avoid having too many filled in squares though!
I made Art ineffective against Food earlier to make Food have three resistances, but I should remove that... Now Art has 4/4 on my grid, though loads of the columns are horribly unbalanced. HMM.

18. Music: Resisted by Nature, but I don't want to make Art weak against it because it seems like too much.

So phew... I did implement many of your suggestions, but not all, I'm afraid! I suppose something like this will take MANY TEDIOUS HOURS to finally sort out. Oh, the joys of game design.
The grid feels *better* now than it did before, but some types are still feel unbalanced...

I'll upload the updated version as EDIT 3 now though.

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Lunpa 20 Australia SanguinePhlegmatic ENTP 9w1 20C
Ninjas are weak to food!?! But... but... FRUIT NINJA!

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Maybe Religion should also be twice as effective against Science. It would offend less people and make sense since science and religion have been fighting forever. The rest seems really cool. This is a really cool concept. I hope you do end up making this game even if you have to put off Miasmon for another year.

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Random 18 United States CholericMelancholic INTP 5w6 7C
So will food/religion be the body and blood of Christ?

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And it will be named... Winead! ( Wine + Bread ) XD

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And it will be named... Winead! ( Wine + Bread ) XD