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5 years ago

Weekly Update

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I haven't done any work on Miasmon this week, either.

I do have some other idea, but nobody will like it so I won't talk about it yet.

Also, I'm scared to read comments in my inbox here.

(EDIT: It is the insensitive criticisms and objective analyses of my emotional expression and the way I handle my personal problems, as well a the unwanted advice, that make me scared of reading my messages, not the fact that people are hounding me to finish things.)

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Wow, I can't believe I managed to remember this account I never used. When i created this account ten months ago (visited your site much before then) I loved your games, and that hasn't changed. I cannot say I can relate to what you are going through, and this comment may be subject to a lot of criticism, but I feel a need to post it as my first, and quite likely last on this account.

I don't want this to be long (it's actually going to be), so just know that I do feel that your feelings and thoughts are what really matters, and you do not like all the criticism that you receive, but while the criticism is being given, so is support from many people, just read the comments below. Still, this support is good, but not the kind you absolutely need. You do need some of course, but what you are in dire need of is the people who care about you as a game designer. People who WILL care about progress on games slightly more than your life (while still caring nonetheless). Those who will sympathize with you, yet give you that subconscious motivation you need. I know many people may seem like they do this, yet you are correct in calling them annoyances who simply do not understand. Somewhere you lost the motivation I believe, and where you will gain it again, who knows? Perhaps the community, or maybe in your personal life. You just need it, so maybe instead of taking all that criticism you receive, or think you receive and labeling it all as bad, just go through it and think to beat it.

Ignore me, ban me, hate me, criticize me, do whatever you want to me and this comment, just please consider my words. Goodbye, I will continue lurking now, checking now and then to see what the news is with you and your games, I hope you do well.
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If you are so scared of critics, why don't you stop all work in protest until they swear to never criticize you again?

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It-It's okay Lonewolf, I understand why you don't feel like posting anything on here about your feelings or new games. You can take off as much time as you need, me, and I'm sure plenty of others, can wait on Miasmon. We just want you to feel happy again.

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I greatly respect that you'd rather be yourself despite all the criticisms, rather than stopping being yourself to avoid criticism. Don't ever stop that. (Uh, that sounds like a command! It's not like that! More like, a consolation? I don't know.)

I won't pretend to understand your situation fully, but hope you find some way out of the rut gently. (Dammit, I can't find the right words for my thoughts! Hopefully the intent is there though.)

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I know that most likely, I have no idea how you feel. I cant think of anything that might comfort you. Suffice to say, I hope you will be able to get through this difficult point in life.
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Hope you get through this Pseudo. I wish people would be more encouraging in general, but I suppose it must be incredibly rough. I enjoy all of your games, and I think most of the site agrees. I know you tend to feel the insults more then then encouragements, but I still need to say it, since what you do is wonderful. I'm sorry to hear how even this site is hurting you, and I hope everything get's better.

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I hope you will be able to overcome the obstacles you currently face. As always, I wish you happiness in life, Pseudo.

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well the only actually productive thing I've done all week (besides work that is) (doesn't really count in my mind) is take out my trash...big whoop right, it will probably take me all of next week just to do my dishes and possibly if I'm lucky vacuum my yea I'm a lazy bum most of the time...hope that brightens your day :P

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-- I don't really even know what to say... I can only say that I've never NOT liked one of your ideas... EVER. Every single time that you post something in regards to your creative pursuits, I've admired you and your stamina in the development field. Creating anything, from music to games to comic strips is a labour intensive task, and the fact that you have done so much over the past years is a commendable action. I applaud you and your abilities, sir.
-- I hardly agree that not reading what people say due to fear is something that you have to 'fix' or 'change.' Everyone has their own work pace, their own quirks, and if anyone thinks negatively of you for feeling this anxiety, they need to stop it. Now.
-- In short, you've stuck with your dream for a long time. How you feel about that is up to you, but you have fans and admirers, Pseudo, something that most people can't say.
EDIT (11-5-12)- If you don't care for objective analysis, would you rather get subjective analysis? I know that you don't want any analysis at all, but I figured I'd analyze what you said, hopefully to induce a reflex of the humor (which, for some reason, sounds like a horse braying).
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I've wasted all last week as well. When I should have been writing a 10 page research paper :|
It seems that people have been forgetting to treat you as a human being, and have been more of treating you like a robot that should be set on one task, which of course it not good.
Plus, it's your website, your game, your ideas, your life. You should get to dictate what you want to do with it, not the masses.

Personally, I'd start swinging that banhammer, as you mentioned when talking about Windows 8, but of course that could make matters worse.