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Obviously adding moderators will be a good idea. But also obviously, I never seem to get around to it due to my trust issues.

Now is really the best time to find some though, since most of the 'good members' from the old site are here, and a bunch of 'nobodies' can't crawl out of the woodwork and volunteer themselves, despite me never having seen them before. (I really don't understand how people like that expect to be chosen, but they always appear anyway.)

Moderators would, I assume, mainly be responsible for adding Infractions.

I may have two types of moderators, marked M and C. The C ones would be able to give temporary chat bans, which would block a user from posting in the chatroom for a day.
M moderators would also be able to do that, and to give infractions.

I need to find people suitable for the job. People who will genuinely help, and who won't just volunteer themselves for the thrill of power, or the idea of seeming special.

So what I'd like you to do is suggest other people. Don't volunteer yourselves. Then we can see who the community might trust to be in such a position.

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Zaknafein 23 United States CholericPhlegmatic INTP 9w1 56C
It seems that almost everyone I'd like to nominate has already been nominated by many others, so I won't repost their names since they've already been mentioned many times before. However... I'd also like to throw MyNameisNobody in the mix for either Chat or Regular Moderator. Though he hasn't been the most active on this site, he's always struck me as a good, rule-conscious, and helpful member who I think would make a very good mod indeed. And, uh, I hope you pick *someone* this time, Pseudo. I feel like you've dangled the possibility of adding mods several times before, and yet it's always fallen through. Hopefully, this time will be different...


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I don't know why I haven't posted here yet.

My nominations for the Moderator position are as follows:

*Scintilla Purpose*: She's a good member and she knows what she is doing, her posts are always well received and I find her hard to dislike.
*The Wolf*: He's kind of like you, Pseudo, from what I've seen of his posts. He'd be a great moderator for handing out infractions and such, but maybe not the best for the chatroom, since he isn't in it all that often.
*Mania*: I don't know if he'd want the position, but he'd be great at it. He is well respected and since he regularly reports trolls and the likes, I'd suggest him for both M and C positions.
*Will Alvein*: I don't know him too well, but I've heard good things about him. So he's on the list just because.... well he'd be a good choice since he's well known and isn't some immature mean person.
*CtG*: Of all people, I actually recommend this guy the most. As Pseudo said though, he might not be able or want to do the position, so who knows.

Now for the Chat Moderators:

*Sunflower*: She frequents the chat and is never hard to get along with. I don't see why she shouldn't be a moderator, to be honest.
*Ares*: I don't know why, but he just pops out in my mind as a good moderator for the chat. He's rather quiet in the chat, I've found, but his opinions are well received and respected.
*RavenTheFree*: A definite choice if you get to know him. He's quick to respond to things and would probably be a good sort of 'alert horn' for the administrator himself.
*Eventua*: I almost forgot about Eventua. He seems like a good member from when I've talked to him, and he is in the chat a lot (though not a much as *Mania*, who I suggest again) so he should know members well enough to report them when something bad happens.

That's all I can think of. Hope this advice helped you.

EDIT: Sorry for all the bolding and unbolding. I was trying to make member's names I mentioned stick out, but it didn't seem to work too well.


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I would like to nominate
- SeatyG: CTG is quite a perfecting sort of person. He is also the least likely person to give out infractions or chat-bans out of spite or a random flash of anger (Because no-one's ever seen a Seaty angry, now have they? :D)
- Wolfy: Wolfy gets along with people the best (not the most active person on chat though) and he is never insulting and such and less likely to 'chat-ban' someone out of spite or something.

The people who you have deemed inactive, may change if they are presented with the 'job' of moderating chat and such. Because it would give a reason to come out of hibernation. ^_^

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Aaah, it's a shame, I would've liked to have been a chat moderator. I'm just way to inactive these days, and probably too young. The inactivity is something I should change.

Anyway, I agree with a lot of what other uses have already put forth like, CtG, Will Alvein, and M β DeNovo, and some others as well, butI'm really posting to add WhoamI to the mix for the role of Chat Moderator. He may have a sort of silly attitude a lot, but I believe he can be serious when it counts. He's not some fun loving small child or strange man-child or something, after all. I believe he can be responsible, and hopefully you've also seen that. He meets the age and activity requirements as well, I think.
I hope my post to nominate only one new person isn't seen as a waste of space! But all the other big names have been said already.

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I did this in the chat earlier, but I'm going to go through all the people listed and offer brief thoughts about them. Chances are this will be a long post... I'll start from the earliest comment.

M β DeNovo is certainly competent and trustworthy, but does he have the time to handle the extra responsibility?

Prometheus does not seem untrustworthy per se; I've just not ever really noticed him enough to know whether or not he'd take an active enough role.

I have mixed thoughts about CtG... He used to be one of the people I was considering for the position, but recently he's seemed sort of... unstable, and I don't know whether I could predict his actions well enough. Not to mention that it seems he has a career, which I do not want to distract him from.

β Mania is someone I'm definitely considering. He seems to take an active interest in solving problems here already.

Onisuzume is not really the kind of personality I'd want with power here... Her mind might work well as a moderator in other communities, but not so much here.

Corelis seems trustworthy enough; I am considering him seriously.

M  ScintillaPurpose also seems relatively trustworthy, and I'm considering her too; my only concern has been her level of interest.

Will Alvein is someone I like as a person, but is he active enough these days? Would he even WANT the responsibility? o_O
I might be scared to be a moderator elsewhere...

M β Sunflower seems reliable, and has brought problems to my attention before. I don't see why she couldn't be chosen.

Sinapi and I don't seem to see eye to eye; I'd rather not be constantly at conflict with my own moderators.

Drostie certainly knows his stuff, but his way of demonstrating what he knows makes me unsure of the idea of giving him power here...

M  Wolf has been here basically forever, and I can't remember him doing anything wrong ever. He should be very familiar with how things work around here and clearly has a vested interest in the community, so I'm considering him.

Varyx doesn't seem very active here these days, which makes me reluctant to consider her. I need people that are visit and talk here basically every day.

Eventua is a good person, but for some reason, I just don't see him in a moderator role. I think his strengths lie elsewhere.

Mysterious Nerd is too young, and too brash. She says she's 'working on' her personality, but I want people who don't need further work. The age thing is the main thing though; I don't want moderators younger than 16 or so.

I know Mimette from way back, but we didn't talk for years, so I feel the need to get to know her again before considering her for such a thing. It's not that I don't trust or don't like her or anything, though! I also feel that I should choose long-time members who have experience with the community and have an intimate familiarity with the standards I try to keep here... or something like that. I've had people who know me from elsewhere join before, and they usually seem to leave before long. I hope Mimette stays, but past experience makes me hesitant.

Sharramon is in no way a bad person, but he and I seem to be on dissimilar wavelengths... Like Eventua, I think his strengths as a member lie elsewhere, and I don't see him as a good moderator.

I've barely seen Avarion around lately; that in itself sort of disqualifies anyone, since I do need people who are active and stuff.

I'm not really familiar with who Brock is...? I've seen him around, but don't yet know him enough to consider him.

The Crimson Sun is someone I also don't know well enough to consider... Some people make a stronger impression on me than others; I'm sorry to say that he is not one of those people. Maybe in time he will be, just not yet.

TTopHat is someone I feel I might not see eye-to-eye with... and though I have seen him around, he still feels 'new' to me, even if I know that he isn't.

I don't really want a moderator called IAmAwesome.

Alphastoats is too young.

I feel similarly about MAd Phantom as I do about Drostie; that he 'knows his stuff', but I'm not sure that he presents his mind in a way harmonious with my own. It's not that I dislike him, since I don't; I just don't feel a 'connection' with him, or something like that, and fear bickering about things that we may disagree on in terms of running the site, which is stress I could do without.

I'm not familiar with Twilit... He seems to be another member that hasn't really 'stood out' to me yet.

Did !!  SelfReferential just mention everyone he could think of? It's only recently that I've noticed Noisemaker... I don't have the sense of familiarity with him that I would prefer to have with the people that I choose.

I simply don't like Brokenergy's attitude, from past experience. I also haven't noticed him around lately.

I've not seen RavenTheFree in the chat... or at least haven't noticed her. I want chat moderators who I know will be regularly in the chat. Maybe timezones just mean I miss this person?

I have no reason to dislike Chaos, and I see him often enough in the chat, but I don't know if I get the impression of 'someone who enforces the rules' from him. I want people who take an active interest in, uh, discipline and the rules and order and such.

Ares is in the chatroom often enough, but seems to 'fade into the background' for me. I don't dislike him, but he isn't a person that comes to mind when I think 'moderator'.

FakeKraid is someone I've barely seen around at all; again, I need active members. Maybe I've just not noticed him, if he is around.

I've gone through all names listed here at the time of writing this... It seems like some people just listed everyone they could think of, or their friends, which made this longer than I would have liked. Many of you also would be hearing this a second time, since I said it all in the chat earlier.
I'll actually formally decide on who gets what positions later, but for now, these are just my personal thoughts on the suggested names.

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Avarion 29 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INFP 655 21C
I've actually been quite active recently, it just seems we're never on at the same times. :)

Anyways, I'd vote for Denovo and CtG for either position.

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M β DeNovo 31 United States MelancholicSanguine INTP 5w4 69C
Hmm.. if there isn't an upper limit on how many mods you're going to pick, I imagine a sufficiently large number will allow average Mod response time to be within the hour. In this case, Mods that could dedicate significant amounts of time are obviously great, but it might not hurt to pick a few people who aren't on as frequently.

Either way, I can be perfectly honest about how much time I'll have to handle the responsibility! These days I frequent the site a few times a day, which is on average at least once every 3-4 hours while I'm awake. If the job description consists of monitoring chat for delinquent behavior and handing out infractions for other rule violations, I can't say I'd be able to comb the site for rule-breaking activity but I'd be happy to respond to complaints, lock threads, and deal with other unpleasant occurrences. I wouldn't be on for longer than an hour or so on most days, so if there's a limit on how many mods you want I should probably be lower on the candidate list.

Either way, it'll be good if there's someone who can deal with trolls and other bad behavior in a timely fashion, and you can focus on doing what you enjoy best. :D

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Aww... I'm not on the list but there is also no reason for me to become a moderator by any chance..? Right..? I would either consider mainly the older chatroom regulars that are well liked or Mimette. I would never consider myself on the list even though I come here often since I have lots of free time on my hands. I'm just here to chat and see what's up or just see what's going on in the chatroom.

Why I never qualify to be one is because I don't.. Contribute to the conversation as much and I use "O.O" abit much for a few people in the chatroom. I won't list them for reasons you should know. I may be annoying at times. I'm pretty much a guy who just listens to the chatroom and add in comments when needed or just out of random will. I just don't like holding the "flaming torch" of moderator powers. If you do consider.. Well. You can talk to me if you need to. I'll see you all in the chatroom anyways by all means.

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I'm of the opinion that there isn't actually a need for a large number of moderators. I've already voiced this on chat, but I thought I might repeat for the public.

On the old site, you've been able to handle well enough just on your own; the entry of really bad trolls and hackers is more of a rarity than a norm. For that reason, I feel that the moderators would actually play more of a sentinel role, than a combat role. They probably will do more of checking posts and receiving complaints from ratings abuse and stuff. And those, I think, can be handled even by just one man on the station at a time. Having more moderators than necessary, I feel would mean that the moderators would be idle most of the time on their duty.

In addition, adding more more moderators would add more to the risk of at least one moderator either abusing his power or exceeding his authority by accident or otherwise. I know that your selection process is stringent enough to filter through most of the ones who have a potential of misusing the added privilege, but that doesn't mean they can't make mistakes. The probability is compounded when more moderators are added.

Another potential threat with more moderators is the possibility of disagreement among moderators, perhaps when it comes to a decision. It could even come to a point where moderators would start reversing decision by his fellow moderators without first consulting the rest of the team. On the other side, there's also a threat of a bureaucracy when there are so many moderators that it'd be hard to pass a decision since there'd always be someone contrary to the opinions of others.

Of course, I'm saying these are *possibilities*. I do not think they are imminent threats.

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I'd like to nominate the following people, in order or worthiness--

β Mania
M  ScintillaPurpose

And some chat moderators, also in order...

!!  Megabdi
Mysterious Nerd

Umm, that's all, for now. If I think of more, I will add to the list. Please don't be offended if you're not on the list, or are low on the list. I still love ya ;D

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Falcon 22 Poland MelancholicCholeric INTJ 514 11C
The people I'd like to see most as full-fledged (M) moderators are M  ScintillaPurpose and CtG . Also, I suppose 'S' votes for nominations count as reinforcing a particular person's nominations? That would be practical, so there wouldn't be dozens of posts nominating the same people, unless of course someone has more insight about them to share.

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I would like to nominate the following people:
Moderators M:
M β DeNovo = CtG > Corelis = M  ScintillaPurpose > Drostie = Sharramon > β Mania = Mimette > Avarion (if he's going to be active) > Brock
Moderators C:
M β Sunflower = Will Alvein > Varyx (if she's going to be active) = The Crimson Sun > M  Wolf = TTopHat = Eventua > IAmAwesome = Alphastoats > MAd Phantom = Twilit = Noisemaker > Brokenergy = RavenTheFree = Chaos
The usernames are arranged in order of how much I'd prefer them over other suggestions, from the most suitable (in my opinion, apparently) to the least suitable of those mentioned, but still quite fit to be a moderator.
I'll add the brief reasoning later, I suppose.

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Hm, if you stick with C's and M's, I'd like to nominate these people:

M- category:

- Although I am not exactly familiar with him, M β DeNovo seems to be a very analytical person and always knows what he's talking about. He is a programmer too, so I guess that's a bonus?

- Corelis seems like a good choice as well. From what I've seen from him, he has excellent judgement and is very calm and collected.

- β Mania. He is a great contributor to this site, and very agreeable in most of his opinions. He also seems to strive to be helpful, which is a good trait for the position.

C- category:

I suppose the ones I mentioned above count here as well, but I'll also add some members that could be up to the task. Since I also believe that chat activity is important for being a chatroom moderator, I considered that as well in my standards:

- M β Sunflower is someone I think would be a decent choice, although she would need to be more active in chat, I suppose? Or maybe it's just me who thinks that. ._.

- Mimette, perhaps, since you do know her and should be able to trust her easier after all. Apart from that, I don't know if she'd be up for the task in terms of activity...

Anyway, apart from these mentioned members, there are others that come to mind but haven't been added to my list because they are not active enough, such as Will Alvein or Silence.

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SavageWolf 23 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTP 666 402C
Here is a list of people I'd like enmodificated. Isn't that (word)!? I bet being mentioned here makes you feel happy. Wink wink.

They are arranged in order, the ones at the top are more worthy, maybe.

M β DeNovo
M  Wolf
β Mania
Will Alvein
Mysterious Nerd

There's also that Flow E Gavas person, he'd be a brilliant mod. Yes, completely, you should all nominate him. Don't read text backwards, it's not healthy. I'm serous, don't try it, it'll strain your eyes. What? I'm not acting suspicious, YOU'RE acting suspicious, don't like that, do you? People, ignore that guy, he's speaking nonsense. Wait, who is that guy anyway? o_O