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6 years ago

Welcome, newcomers!

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Hello there, if you've come from the old site. Welcome to the new site. Isn't it so much snazzier than the dump you've been condemned to rot alone in for the last few weeks?!/1/1

Anyway, you should know that this site has many new or different features, which you should read about before (mis)using any of them.

The main thing that might stand out is the FLIGS 'rating' system, which isn't really a 'rating' system at all; it's more of an emotional 'reaction' system. Please read more about it on the about page: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞

You can also add 'aspects' to your profile, in the form of interests, 'ten words', races, and religions. Please use this seriously rather than frivolously, and be aware that every new aspect you add will appear on the pages you can find under the 'Community' heading in the upper left corner.
The point of these aspects is to group people together, so to make this work as well as possible, suggestions will pop up as you type; choose one of those if it fits.
For example, there might be the Interest 'Books'... If you like books, you'd start typing 'boo' and then 'Books' would likely appear in the little suggestions menu thing. If you choose it, you'll be able to check the page for the 'Books' aspect to see who else has an interest in them.
If however you ignore the suggestions and type 'books!' instead, you'll be the only one with that interest, and the database will contain both 'Books' AND 'books!' as separate interests, which is stupid and irritating. So don't do that.

There are moderators here. If anyone misbehaves, you can Report them using the form on the Infractions tab of their userpage. Please use this rather than PMing me, because it'll be sent to a special page where ALL moderators can review it, and decide what to do about it, lightening my workload.

I think that's it... Please try to behave, rather than making me regret this. I've got enough things that are stressing me at the moment and don't need more to worry about.

In case you haven't already, please read the About page; it really is important. ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
Reading up on the rules wouldn't do any harm, either. They've probably changed. ∞ Fig Hunter ∞

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the new site!
6 years ago

Reporting Members

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I forgot to mention this when I added it yesterday...

I'm used to getting reports of misdemeanours as PMs, which I have to deal with myself, and often I just don't do anything because I'm already swamped with work and don't have the time to investigate.

Now, though, I've added (or perhaps 'brought back', since there was a feature like this ages ago) the ability to Report Members via the Infractions tab of their userpages.
Your report then goes to a special page where it can be read and investigated by moderators. They can discuss it there amongst themselves and decide on the best course of action.

So please do this if you have anyone to report, rather than PMing me. Thank you.
6 years ago

I'll open the doors tomorrow...

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I know I've said this several times already - that I'll let the other members in here 'soon' and so on - but now I've actually decided to do it tomorrow, which is more specific than I've been before.

So yet again, I ask 'is there any reason not to?'

I still have things to do on the To Do List that some of you posted in a while ago, but they're not really major things. I'll continue to work through them when I have the time, but for now I think the people stuck on the old site would be more pleased by being able to join here than they would be annoyed that it isn't 100% complete.