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Miasmon Bestiary 4: Protonculus

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I actually drew a different image of this yesterday, but I wasn't satisfied with it, so I decided to redo it... As such, this took longer than I originally intended. The drawings themselves take about half an hour, but finding the time isn't easy...!


Type: Synthetic

Monsters in Miasmon form from the omnipresent but invisible 'miasma'; a sort of chaotic residue left over from the creation of worlds by deities. It's the same miasma from MARDEK. It works in a way not entirely dissimilar to the Dreamrealm, in that figments appear based on the thoughts and feelings of minds, but it's more closely tied to the material world, so the figments appear as real physical entities. They have no souls or minds though, and act like hallucinations, in a sense.

The race that once lived on Fracture realised that monster 'species' would recur from patterns; it was like the miasma had a sort of 'memory'.
They managed to detect, copy and store these patterns, then moulded the miasma into them to form clones of these wild monster species, with a few creative tweaks to make the monsters obey unquestioningly.

All patterns for monsters were derived from nature... until this thing. Professor Francis Marmalade - no longer the protagonist, but still a key figure in the world - managed to synthesise a monster from a pattern he'd created entirely from scratch. It's sort of comparable to cloning a real-life animal from DNA that you wrote yourself.

He designed it to be more loyal and less dangerous than the wild monsters, to prevent catastrophic accidents that sometimes seem to happen.

Since it is the first Synthetic monster, it's rather simple. It's made of stiff basic shapes, and has a texture like plastic. It has two flat, floating limbs, and moves by hovering. Its mannerisms would seem robotic, sort of eerie in their soullessness (no monsters have souls, but it's rather apparent with this one!).

Its design is based on things like those robots that Japanese people seem to be developing, as well as things like EVE from WALL-E and Porygon.
Its name comes from the words 'prototype' and 'homunculus', as well as words like 'proton', to give it a 'sci-fi energy' sort of feeling about it.

Oh, and it's the starter monster that you get. Unlike Pokemon, you don't get a choice about it... at least, not at the start.
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Please don't PM me about bugs...

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If you find something broken somewhere, please don't PM me about it. There's a 'To Do List' thread which is 'sticky' at the moment, so it's best if you post about things there.

If you PM me, that means that I have to either act on it as soon as I read the PM, or I have to leave the PM open in a tab to remind myself. Neither of these things are desirable, and they rather add to the stress I'm already having to endure from working on so many things at once...

If however you post in that thread, I can leave it in my Messages inbox, and can get around to it when I'm ready, when I have the time, then I can mark it as read when it's done. It might also make other people less likely to report the same problem.

Speaking of that thread... It's full of things that I've still not got around to doing. I'm trying to work by a timetable at the moment, and much of my day is consumed by working on Miasmon (which I've been doing in a very motivated and focused kind of way), or tedious real-life necessities like eating and sleeping and making sure I'm not too unbearably unclean.
I've got basically no time set aside for working on the site, so expect progress to be very slow for a while. I'll get to things 'when I can'.
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Miasmon Bestiary 3: Meep

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Type: Avian

These are silly little bird-like monsters that you find at the beginning of the game.

They're rather weak; all of their stats are below average. Since your starter monster is the same level as the wild monsters (unlike in Pokemon, where you have a level 5 starter), it was too difficult to have to fight just Gruuls and Modestoats, so I added this in order to give easy experience without much of a challenge.
It makes them difficult to train though, since they are so weak!

They bound around in an erratic and energetic manner, making constant kazoo-like chirping noises. This, along with their weakness, really puts most trainers off trying to train them.