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6 years ago

'bubbles' to 'www'

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Ugh, I've been so ill lately... Fever, sore throat, headache, blocked nose, coughing, sneezing, general weakness and malaise... in case you were wondering what, which you probably weren't anyway.
I've been doing less work than I'd prefer as a result of it, but oh well. It seems to be on its way out now. I hope.

Anyway, I've always (since the beginning of time) intended to move this new site from to the main domain, moving the old contents to something like

I'll do that very soon, maybe within the next day or two... unless anyone feels there's any reason for me not to just yet?

If you notice blatant bugs or problems with the old site or this one over the next few days, then it'll likely be as a result of the move, and you needn't report them until I actually start asking about them, since most of them will be things I'm aware of or can't avoid anyway.
6 years ago

Missing MARDEK Saves

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A few people have already explained the solution to this in comments and things, but I'm writing this so then I can link people to it instead of explaining the same thing over and over again in PMs.

If you had MARDEK saved games on the old Fig Hunter site, you may notice that they are missing from this version. They're not gone as such; it's just that Flash saves are linked to the url, meaning that those saves are linked to, but you're now playing on
When I move this version of the site to the www address - whenever that may be - they'll come back, but for now, it's possible to find and move the saves so you can play them again.

Irritatingly, the location of these files differs based on your operating system... I use Windows Vista, and this is where they are for me; they may be the same on Windows 7 as well:

C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects[random string]

Replace [username] with your username on your computer, of course. [random string] could be anything; something like UWJUCWE, maybe. You'll know it when you see it.

From that folder, you'll need to find the '' folder, and inside are your saves. You'll need to make a new '' folder if there isn't one already, then just copy and paste them from one folder to the other.

There's not really anything I can do to make this easier, since how Flash saves is not within my control (if it was, I'd let you choose the location for the saves).

Anyway, hopefully this is of some help to at least someone.
6 years ago

Miasmon Bestiary 7: Wingecko

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Three in a day! I'm probably going too quickly with these, actually, so I'll slow down from now on. I felt these three should be grouped together though.


Types: Saurian / Avian

This was the third family that I designed, conceptually, but it was ages before I actually decided on appearances for them. It was meant as the third of the original starters, before I changed it to just Protonculus.

It is a flying lizard of sorts, based on those actual real life gliding lizards, but also based on the thing that its final form is based on. Yes.

Anyway, this one won't even appear in chapter 1, probably, but it seemed wrong to not group these three together.

One of the wings - which are more like flat 'plate' things than bird wing things - is drawn rather badly; it looked better in my sketchbook! And that's a feather on the end of its tail, in case that's not clear.