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5 years ago

Emela Art

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I've been mostly trying to improve my art skills and sorting out university stuff recently. Here's something that I painted; it's Emela as she might look in MARDEK 4:

5 years ago

What I've Been Up To

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Categories: Progress Reports
I think it's been a while since I last talked about my games, so I'll do that here, sort of!

I've been occupied over the last few weeks with applying to university, for a 'Game Art' course thing which I think will be very useful for me. It'll allow me to hone my game-making skills and art, I hope, as well as giving me the opportunity to finally meet some people who are interested in the kind of stuff that I am... hopefully. It'd be wonderful if I could even meet some people there who I could work together with, allowing me to produce things much, much quicker! Probably.

Because of that, I've not done a whole lot of work on games, I'm sorry to say. Mostly I've been working away at 'DreamQuest' and Miasmon (the newest version of that, which is set in the Alora Fane world), and while they're coming along nicely enough, I'm still trying to decide what to do about releasing and marketing them. I hate that part! I love MAKING things, but when it comes to actually trying to get money for them, well... If only it were as simple as finishing something then clicking a 'make money from this equal to the effort you put in!' button. Yes, I think I'm being realistic and pragmatic there.

Hmm, I thought I'd have more to say, but I suppose there isn't anything else! I'm hoping that once the university stuff is sorted out (whether I get in or not), then I'll get back on track again. SO MUCH HOPE.
5 years ago

Unwritten Etiquette

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Do I really have to write explicit rules on the Rules page so then people won't do annoying things?

Something that really frustrates me as a web developer is when people don't keep within the area of the site that's been freely given to them... When they go out of bounds and make changes to things that they shouldn't be changing. A comparison I've made before is that it's like inviting someone into your room out of friendliness, then catching them rooting through your underwear drawer. You never explicitly told them not to, and there's nothing physically stopping them, but that doesn't mean that it's okay.

I have to include loads of checks in any kind of submission code to make sure that correct, acceptable values have been given, and I hate this because I know it's necessary, because people won't just behave themselves naturally... Perhaps I'm odd for being bothered by it at all.

The thing that's made me write this is some people setting their Myers-Briggs type to weird values through browser code editing feature things, due to an oversight in the code that made it possible.
I've fixed it now, but I want to mention that I'll be tempted to ban anyone who hasn't changed their type back to a valid value within the next few days. It really does bother me that much.

It's like posting a sandwich into a letterbox. It's *possible*, and might be amusing, but it doesn't mean you should do it. Perhaps only the postman would be bothered at all, but that's reason enough to not do it.