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About Alora Fane

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I've not updated this in a while because I've been busy with university stuff, but now that the term's basically almost over (or I've at least just handed in the last bit of work that I needed to worry about), I have more time to myself and will spend some of it explaining my current plans and progress here!

A recent incident made me aware that I might not have explained the whole Alora Fane concept properly here... so I'm going to try to do that as thoroughly as I can.

Essentially, Alora Fane is a fantasy world setting, of course, and a website that's roughly based around that setting. It revolves around six races and six 'sentiments' that are used instead of elements. You may already know this!

The website will hopefully, HOPEFULLY have different values to what this one has always had, and as such, not everyone from here will be allowed to join there... I'm really sorry about that, but I'd rather not go mad from frustration, if it's all the same to you.

I've currently got two or three or two-and-a-half or whatever games set in the Alora Fane world.

One used to be called DreamQuest, but it's now more likely to be called Alora Fane: Creation. It was conceived as a map editor sort of tool that will allow people to make their own relatively simple 'quests', as seen in ∞ a YouTube video ∞ that I posted a while ago. It's actually changed a bit since that video, but the general concept is the same.

However, it will also contain six pre-made quests by me, telling a story that'll probably end up being about six hours long or so. That means that even if you're not interested in the editor, you'll get a new, full RPG by me that was made using that editor.

This concept is essentially the spiritual successor to 'Fig Hunter Online', which I worked on years ago. It's a much more refined version of the ideas I explored in that, and that means that there'll never be a Fig Hunter Online because, well, AFC will be it, just under another name.

AFC is my current project. It's been taking ages to be released simply because I keep losing interest in it due to various real life distractions, though I'm really hoping that I can get my six quests finished soon and then I can finally release it! Once it is released, I imagine it could keep people occupied for a long time, because of the user-made content. I'd also add new assets to the game regularly, and would take requests for what people want to see.

The second game set in Alora Fane is Miasmon. Its setting has always been a world called Fracture, but while this was originally some ruined planet with chunks of its crust orbiting a naked core or whatever, now it's simply one of the six 'petal' worlds of Alora Fane, once home to the sixth race, who are now extinct.

I keep changing my mind about what to do with Miasmon, and I'm still not sure. I'll have to think about it more. It may even end up being an app made in Unity or something.

The third sort-of-game is called Wyrmholes, and I've got a story planned for it, vaguely, but I've not yet decided what to do with that, either. It may even end up becoming a webcomic!

I'm devoting basically all my game-making time to this Alora Fane world at the moment. This doesn't mean that I'll never return to my non-AF games, like MARDEK! Currently, I'm just trying to set up a foundation that will generate me enough money to give me security, and which might bring together a community that I can genuinely enjoy being a part of... Once I have that set up, it won't seem as unwise to spend large chunks of my time working on a stand-alone game like MARDEK 4 that will only earn money once.

So yes. That's what Alora Fane is, and that's what I'm up to at the moment. The Alora Fane site will be opened to the public with the release of Alora Fane: Creation, whenever that may be. Hopefully soon! But I simply don't know. Writing a plot I'm satisfied with is no easy feat, unfortunately.
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3D Miasmon!

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The "Computer Games Art" course that I'm doing at university is mainly about 3D modelling, though we've not actually covered all that much yet at all. Our assignments still involve basically copying really, really simple models that other people have made.

I've decided to teach myself some stuff and make some models of my own, though. They're in a 'low poly' style, because it's easy, good for games, and I find it very appealing. I've done four Miasmon this weekend (each took about one to three hours), and here they are!





Also, this course involves using Unity for the whole three years... so it could well be that my future games will be made in that. It seems easier to make apps from it, it does a lot of the programming work for you, and it supports 3D, so it might be a step up from Flash in many ways. I know very little about it though so I'll need to do a lot of learning!
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What I'm Up To

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Sorry about not updating this thing very often lately! University's been distracting me quite a bit. I still haven't found friends or anything, but some of the work recently has been taking time and focus.

When I'm not doing university work, I'm mainly focusing on two games... Or rather, those are the games I'm 'working on', though I seem to spend much of my time doing other things like art, and annoyingly there's not enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do!

One of those games is what used to be called DreamQuest, but which I'll be calling "Alora Fane: Creation" from now on. Maybe I already said that somewhere here before. I forget!
It's basically done, but I'm trying to write an 'official plot' for it still, so that even if you aren't interested in the editor, you can spend a couple of hours playing through a multi-chapter story that I've written myself. It's taking time to work out some kinks in the storyline, though once the details are sorted out, it should hopefully come along quickly.

That's my main priority at the moment because it feels like I COULD get it out quickly, and it'd give people a ton of stuff to do because they could make their own adventures and play other people's.

I'm also working on Miasmon, but I've decided that it's probably best to get 'AF:C' done first. Though I really seem to just work on whatever I feel like, which isn't the best idea. Perhaps I should try to be more disciplined. But I'm always saying that.

So yes. I really wish my game-making was coming along a lot more quickly - or at least steadily - than it is, though it's hard to stay motivated these days... Maybe it'll get easier once I actually push myself to get one of these games out.