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4 years ago

Game Progress!!

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
As much as it hurts, I want to try and just get away from all that recent drama... So I want to talk about the games that I'm working on, because that's still apparently the kind of thing that I do.

I've been trying to work on that game called Alora Fane: Creation for a while now, but I'd really been struggling with the plot, as I might have said before. I tried a bunch of things, but nothing worked out quite right. Frustrating!

During this block, my attention turned to a project I started a while back, which was Clarence RPG! The sequel that nobody asked for! Lots of fun, for sure!!

I'm still fond of that concept, since it's all rather silly and everything... When I started on it, I lacked the art skills to adequately represent the characters that had appeared in my mind, and that was one of the main reasons I gave up development on it. However, now that I've improved quite a bit with those art skills, I decided to take another stab at it. Here are the results!

On the left is Clarence, everyone's favourite disgusting, obnoxious oaf. He has no redeeming characteristics, and is a wholly repugnant man. What a hero~!

Beside him is Sally, the woman he married at the end of Clarence's Big Chance, who in this sequel takes that name rather than the other two since it's simply easier to give her a set name. She's obviously way out of Clarence's league, and the plot basically involves her realising this, which makes Clarence want to win her back in much the same way that he won her in the first place!

Next is a mysterious vagrant called Mr Narrator, who follows Clarence around and talks as if he's narrating what's going on.

Then there's a lovely, shy, sensitive dairy farmer, whose delicate problems would be handled by the plot with tender pathos and the utmost subtlety and tact. Or not. He's called Butterbelch!

Beside him is a short woman (not a child!) who's a sort of cross between a crazy cat lady and an obsessive anime fangirl. She insists on calling herself 'kawaiineko83'!

Candi Applez, the next in line, is a sophisticated Business Girl whose favourite things are modesty and subtlety. Clearly.

And right at the end is the MAIN VILLAIN, a completely nice and friendly man named Ernest Love, who unintentionally charms Sally with his phlegmatic charisma. Stopping this TERRIFYING THREAT is the plot of the game!

So yes! Clarence RPG. Though I drew those characters and intended to work on it for a bit (possibly as an app), that's not going to happen immediately because gasp, I actually got sudden inspiration for that Alora Fane: Creation thing's plot! I've now written most of the story's skeleton, and I'm relatively happy with it. It might not be world-shatteringly original or amazing or anything, but at this point I think having something that's 'okay' and just finally getting the game out would be for the best. I need the money, after all!

I'll continue working on that, and since all the assets are already done anyway, actually making it as a game shouldn't take very long at all. I can't say when it might be out, but I'm going to try my best to work hard and fast on it... which I'll be able to do as long as people don't cause me stress and frustration, which is extremely distracting and which destroys my motivation. So please, for the sake of my sanity, don't do that.
4 years ago

You already have Fig Hunter

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I want to make it quite clear that I don't want people from Fig Hunter joining the other site that you all seem to be aware of by now. I made that place to escape this one, not so then you could pour over there from here. The people who've been joining aren't even the types that it's designed for. It's for sensitive, delicate little flowers who talk about the energy of emotions and marvel at clouds and dreams, people who hate argument and criticism and conflict, not for logically-minded cynical young men who pick holes in everything.

Maybe this seems unreasonable to you, but you already have THIS place, which I've been driven away from. Please let me have my private little sanctum. The positive energy I've been getting from that place, from the kinds of people I've attracted from the right places (before the last few days, at any rate) has been really cheering me up and getting me back into a game making mood.

So if you leave me alone there, I'll give you games! But if you don't, I shall be sad. I shall frown. And that would be bad. :(

Also I'll ban you anyway, so stay away.
4 years ago


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This site is not going to die simply because five people were banned. I'm not going to be handing out random, undeserved bans all willy-nilly or anything. Those people all deserved what they got, and it was the fact that the moderators were resigning because those people were so unbearable that I banned them. Even if you don't know about the specific reasons for each one being banned, I assure you that there were strong reasons.

On any other site, people like that probably would have been banned ages ago. You should be grateful that banning is relatively rare here.

I am not a god, but this IS a house that I literally built with my own two hands, and you are all guests here, able to stay for as long as you like without having to pay a penny. Please think for a moment how you'd feel if you had guests in your house who were being uppity and aggressive towards you and such. How long would it take for you to kick them out?