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6 years ago

Broken Passwords

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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I recently added the ability to change your password from the Settings page... However, I did it badly, and it ended up changing your password to whatever was in the 'new password' box, even if that box was blank.
Meaning that a few accounts now have blank passwords.

It seems that it was impossible to log in even if you knew that though, because the password box is automatically filled with the word 'password' if it's empty.

So, I've made it so that anyone who had a blank password due to this bug now has the number 0, just that one character, as their password.

If you can't log in with your old password, try using the number 0 in the password field. Then, once you've logged in, change your password.

About 22 people have had their passwords altered by this, so perhaps all of you should edit your password from the Settings page even if you're already logged in, just to be safe and sure.
Or you could just wait and see if your password doesn't work, in which case use the number 0.

I'm so sorry about this... It's annoying that I coded that so sloppily. It's fixed now, of course.
This is a good reason though why it's a good idea to only have a few people here at the moment...

(Now, will anyone even see this?)