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4 years ago

Not a weekly update!!!1

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I wrote something else on the Alora Fane blog!! ∞ LINK ∞

Apart from that thing, there's also something I want to say about Fig Hunter. It MAKES ME SAD to think that the community here has dissolved! I mean, I know I did a godawful job of running it, and I wasn't exactly subtle with how I felt about it (understatement!!), but I did at the same time realise that it brought many people joy; that it was a place they came to to be with similar minds, with friends... It's such a shame that people might have fled simply because the owner is an arsehole...

I'm not really sure what I can do about the situation, though I do want to explicitly say that I'm happy to keep the place up and running as somewhere that people can come to be with others, to talk, etc, even if I personally don't participate. I've been doing this anyway, but I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not going to be suddenly shutting the place down or anything.

It's probably too little too late by now, but oh well. I do feel bad about how things turned out. I can at least say that running this place over the years has taught me many things about how to actually run a community. Some lessons were harsher than others, and many failures were involved on my part. I'm just hoping that I'll do a better job with my next community, if indeed there is to be a next one! I do fear that my behaviour here will leave scars on my reputation forever. Hmm.
4 years ago

Weekly Update!

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I wrote a blog post on the Alora Fane site: ∞ LINK ∞
4 years ago

Still alive!!

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Hello there!! It's been a while!! I'm not dead!!!!

I've been doubting my life direction over the last couple of months, deciding whether I even want to make games at all... It's such a lonely path, and all my attempts to find what I'm 'spiritually looking for', so to speak, have been fruitless. I also can't deny the deep emotional damage that running this place dealt me.

But even so... I know that people have enjoyed my games in the past, and it's all I'm really good at, so, after a lot of introspection and internal journeying and all that, I've decided to stick with games development after all. Yay.

I've also had a few epiphanies of sorts over these last few weeks relating to my own personality, seeing the value of 'unconditional love' and wanting to be better, less judgemental, than I have been in the past. I'm going to make efforts towards this, though certain people make it... very challenging... so it's something that will take a lot of time, effort, and personal growth.

Regarding my games, I plan to move over to Steam, with Alora Fane: Creation likely being released on there if it can be greenlit (I've yet to apply for Greenlight though). I may also have a free 'lite' version with reduced features that I'll release to Flash portals, but I'm not sure how it'll all go yet. I hope that nobody will be OUTRAGED at having to actually give me a little bit of their hard-earned cash for my efforts, but it's impossible to survive on the trickle of pennies that come from publishing purely as a Flash Game.

The game is mostly finished, and definitely playable; I just need to add some example quests to show what it's capable of, and I've been struggling with those due to all my soul-searching and such. I've got ideas now, though, so I'm aiming to do some hard work over these next few days and weeks.

However... Fig Hunter holds too many bad memories for me. I feel like I've grown beyond the person I was when I made this place, like it no longer fits me at all. As such, I'm going to be gradually moving over to my new Alora Fane site, which has existed for a while now but which has mostly been closed off to the public. As I've said in the past, noxious attitudes won't be allowed there, and I won't allow the community to become toxic by giving people chances they don't deserve. I hope it will be more enjoyable for me and for many other people this way.

I'm planning to post weekly blog posts on the Alora Fane site, which you are able to view at ∞ LINK ∞
You cannot create an account yet, but I'll also add new posts here whenever I add a new post there, so you can leave your comments and such here. I'll open the joining system for that site when AFC is released. The reason for this is because allowing joining now would make the whole switch utterly pointless, as the unpleasant minority who I fear here would immediately jump right over there and, well, all the drama that would likely result from that would seriously affect my ability to actually finish the game.

I'm hesitant and worried about even so much as linking to the Alora Fane site like this, due to the nasty sadists who seem to delight in the thought of destroying me, though I imagine such people have been snooping around there for ages anyway, so hopefully it won't make much different. I link to it out of trust, though, so please don't betray that trust. I wish I didn't have to say this at all, but I'm still so scarred and scared by this place that I can't help but be wary.

So yes. Sorry about the absence, but I do want to make it as an indie developer if I can, and I'll be writing about my progress there. Yes. Good.