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4 years ago

The Future of Fig Hunter

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I've owned this site for many years now, but quite frankly it's embarrassing to me... I've mentioned 'my website' to people in that strange and mysterious Real World before, but I always make a point of avoiding saying its url, because the thought of people who know me in person seeing this place makes me cringe. It's almost entirely because of the way that I handle things through these blog posts; my emotional conflicts with the community aren't exactly going to win me admiration from anyone, either for my personality or for my lack of professionalism.

AFC is almost done now, though. It would have been done already, but that recent mess delayed progress significantly, especially since it meant that the game has been hidden from the testers since then (thanks so much for that, those involved). Still, I must plough through it, I suppose.
Once it is released, there'll finally be fresh new traffic coming to my sites. I'll be opening up the other site, and I'll have to decide what to do with this one. I don't particularly want the sorts of people who hate and/or strongly disagree with me and feel the need to tell me how and why on a regular basis to flood over there (who would, really?), but I also realise that there's not a damn thing I can do about it, so my only real choice is to become like so many other admin/developer figures: distant, aloof, not really involved with the community at all (not that I really have been with this one for a while anyway).

I'll continue writing about things, hopefully more often than I have been doing here, but I'll probably make them much more impersonal. For example, I could write quest-making tips or content updates for AFC, or about the development process. I've been wanting to do that for a while. But I'm no longer interested in community politics, or nasty individuals' personal issues. It's not exactly what I signed up for when I became a games developer.

I may try to somehow increase the focus on the existing games here, especially the unfinished ones (moving them from the bottom of the Games page), so the site could act as a sort of museum for my older work. I'm not planning to take down the community features in any way, and would very much appreciate it if people would continue posting here, rather than all flooding over to the new site, if they fit better with the Fig Hunter mentality than whatever I want to create over there.

Some information about how AFC is likely to work, by the way:

I've written a story that will be told in six distinct parts, though each is shortish and I intended to include them all in the game when it's released. I decided that's unreasonable, though, as well as a missed opportunity, so what I'm going to do instead is probably release the game in six installments. At least six, anyway. The first one will probably include two or three quests of my own (this main one, which is relatively 'deep' and serious, another, unrelated one which is just silly fun, and probably some kind of tutorial/introduction thing), and it won't include all of the features that I originally wanted to include (it will only have three of the five humanoid races, for example). It does, however, have plenty of stuff for you to make your own quests! So it's not like it's half-finished or anything.

After that first one is released, I'll listen to community feedback, and add and fix things, as well as working on the second part of my own story. I'd then release a Version 2, which would include this new chapter, perhaps another short, silly quest, and a bunch of new assets and features and such. I'd continue going until I had all six chapters released, but after that it'd be updated regularly with new features and such whenever I bothered to add them.

(These won't be 'chapters' in the MARDEK sense, by the way, where I basically rewrite the whole game for each one! I've got to the point now where my skills have plateaued, so they'll just be updates to the existing game/tool instead of separate games in themselves. They'd just overwrite the older version uploaded to the site, rather than being listed as separate things.)

I'll probably add some kind of Requests feature, where people can suggest things, and other people can vote on existing suggestions; the most popular would be most likely to be implemented sooner.

And of course people would be able to make their own quests, and upload them to the site! I'm hoping that there'll be lots of quests, so there'd always be something to play. Making, playing, and talking about them will hopefully be a reason to build up a nice and friendly community that isn't just based on 'Intellectual Debates' and criticism (or sensitivity and gentleness, for that matter).

So yes. I'm at the point now where I can probably start contacting sponsors within a week or two, which is sort of exciting (and terrifying). Then FINALLY maybe I can move to a different stage of my life as a developer and as a person! Hopefully!
4 years ago

Game Progress!!

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
As much as it hurts, I want to try and just get away from all that recent drama... So I want to talk about the games that I'm working on, because that's still apparently the kind of thing that I do.

I've been trying to work on that game called Alora Fane: Creation for a while now, but I'd really been struggling with the plot, as I might have said before. I tried a bunch of things, but nothing worked out quite right. Frustrating!

During this block, my attention turned to a project I started a while back, which was Clarence RPG! The sequel that nobody asked for! Lots of fun, for sure!!

I'm still fond of that concept, since it's all rather silly and everything... When I started on it, I lacked the art skills to adequately represent the characters that had appeared in my mind, and that was one of the main reasons I gave up development on it. However, now that I've improved quite a bit with those art skills, I decided to take another stab at it. Here are the results!

On the left is Clarence, everyone's favourite disgusting, obnoxious oaf. He has no redeeming characteristics, and is a wholly repugnant man. What a hero~!

Beside him is Sally, the woman he married at the end of Clarence's Big Chance, who in this sequel takes that name rather than the other two since it's simply easier to give her a set name. She's obviously way out of Clarence's league, and the plot basically involves her realising this, which makes Clarence want to win her back in much the same way that he won her in the first place!

Next is a mysterious vagrant called Mr Narrator, who follows Clarence around and talks as if he's narrating what's going on.

Then there's a lovely, shy, sensitive dairy farmer, whose delicate problems would be handled by the plot with tender pathos and the utmost subtlety and tact. Or not. He's called Butterbelch!

Beside him is a short woman (not a child!) who's a sort of cross between a crazy cat lady and an obsessive anime fangirl. She insists on calling herself 'kawaiineko83'!

Candi Applez, the next in line, is a sophisticated Business Girl whose favourite things are modesty and subtlety. Clearly.

And right at the end is the MAIN VILLAIN, a completely nice and friendly man named Ernest Love, who unintentionally charms Sally with his phlegmatic charisma. Stopping this TERRIFYING THREAT is the plot of the game!

So yes! Clarence RPG. Though I drew those characters and intended to work on it for a bit (possibly as an app), that's not going to happen immediately because gasp, I actually got sudden inspiration for that Alora Fane: Creation thing's plot! I've now written most of the story's skeleton, and I'm relatively happy with it. It might not be world-shatteringly original or amazing or anything, but at this point I think having something that's 'okay' and just finally getting the game out would be for the best. I need the money, after all!

I'll continue working on that, and since all the assets are already done anyway, actually making it as a game shouldn't take very long at all. I can't say when it might be out, but I'm going to try my best to work hard and fast on it... which I'll be able to do as long as people don't cause me stress and frustration, which is extremely distracting and which destroys my motivation. So please, for the sake of my sanity, don't do that.
4 years ago

About Alora Fane

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I've not updated this in a while because I've been busy with university stuff, but now that the term's basically almost over (or I've at least just handed in the last bit of work that I needed to worry about), I have more time to myself and will spend some of it explaining my current plans and progress here!

A recent incident made me aware that I might not have explained the whole Alora Fane concept properly here... so I'm going to try to do that as thoroughly as I can.

Essentially, Alora Fane is a fantasy world setting, of course, and a website that's roughly based around that setting. It revolves around six races and six 'sentiments' that are used instead of elements. You may already know this!

The website will hopefully, HOPEFULLY have different values to what this one has always had, and as such, not everyone from here will be allowed to join there... I'm really sorry about that, but I'd rather not go mad from frustration, if it's all the same to you.

I've currently got two or three or two-and-a-half or whatever games set in the Alora Fane world.

One used to be called DreamQuest, but it's now more likely to be called Alora Fane: Creation. It was conceived as a map editor sort of tool that will allow people to make their own relatively simple 'quests', as seen in ∞ a YouTube video ∞ that I posted a while ago. It's actually changed a bit since that video, but the general concept is the same.

However, it will also contain six pre-made quests by me, telling a story that'll probably end up being about six hours long or so. That means that even if you're not interested in the editor, you'll get a new, full RPG by me that was made using that editor.

This concept is essentially the spiritual successor to 'Fig Hunter Online', which I worked on years ago. It's a much more refined version of the ideas I explored in that, and that means that there'll never be a Fig Hunter Online because, well, AFC will be it, just under another name.

AFC is my current project. It's been taking ages to be released simply because I keep losing interest in it due to various real life distractions, though I'm really hoping that I can get my six quests finished soon and then I can finally release it! Once it is released, I imagine it could keep people occupied for a long time, because of the user-made content. I'd also add new assets to the game regularly, and would take requests for what people want to see.

The second game set in Alora Fane is Miasmon. Its setting has always been a world called Fracture, but while this was originally some ruined planet with chunks of its crust orbiting a naked core or whatever, now it's simply one of the six 'petal' worlds of Alora Fane, once home to the sixth race, who are now extinct.

I keep changing my mind about what to do with Miasmon, and I'm still not sure. I'll have to think about it more. It may even end up being an app made in Unity or something.

The third sort-of-game is called Wyrmholes, and I've got a story planned for it, vaguely, but I've not yet decided what to do with that, either. It may even end up becoming a webcomic!

I'm devoting basically all my game-making time to this Alora Fane world at the moment. This doesn't mean that I'll never return to my non-AF games, like MARDEK! Currently, I'm just trying to set up a foundation that will generate me enough money to give me security, and which might bring together a community that I can genuinely enjoy being a part of... Once I have that set up, it won't seem as unwise to spend large chunks of my time working on a stand-alone game like MARDEK 4 that will only earn money once.

So yes. That's what Alora Fane is, and that's what I'm up to at the moment. The Alora Fane site will be opened to the public with the release of Alora Fane: Creation, whenever that may be. Hopefully soon! But I simply don't know. Writing a plot I'm satisfied with is no easy feat, unfortunately.