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5 years ago

Programon Types (EDIT 3)

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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I know I've been going on about my ~emotions~ for weeks, unintentionally offending a large percentage of my audience, and not releasing any new games or anything... and I know that must get annoying!1

SO I think I'll write some posts about game development to try to make up for that.

I mentioned the other day that I was thinking of making a game with silly Pokemon-like types, and I listed a few ideas. I'm still thinking about that, and I've developed my ideas further!

I have a potential in-development name for the game: 'Programon'. This comes from two possible ideas for the game's setting.

I heard this really fascinating concept on a radio programme the other day! It mentioned a realistic form of reincarnation, where upon your death, you'll find yourself instantly resurrected in the distant future, in a computer program at the end of the universe which had been built by a hyper-advanced race in order to simulate everything that existed before the universe was destroyed, including, of course, you.
It's a fairly outlandish concept, but fascinating, particularly for fantasy.
I wondered whether the game could be set in such a setting... It'd start with your character's funeral in the real world, but then you'd wake up in this strange world called 'The Program' (since it is of course a computer program).
It would be imperfect, however, and monsters - 'bugs' - would have arisen from the code based on things like peoples' thoughts and ideas (which is why they'd have types like Religion and Food).
Then you'd, uh, train them for some reason.

That's very similar to Beast Signer, so I thought that maybe I could just use the story of that... where you're a Signer who goes into the virtual world that was built on a war-torn planet for the survivors to live better lives in. And stuff. Monsters could still be called 'bugs' rather than 'beasts', and the virtual world could still be called 'The Program'.

I'd prefer to develop my ideas alone, so I'm not looking for suggestions, BUT I thought it might at least be interesting for people to read about my ideas anyway, so they can watch the game develop over time.

I thought more about the types, and what they might be weak against or resistant to; an amusing exercise! Here's an image of what I have so far:

UPDATE 3: Changes to the grid, of course!

UPDATE 2: I've done a complete overhaul of the weaknesses and resistances in order to make it not too crowded. It's not yet balanced though!

UPDATE 1: The grid no longer corresponds to the rationalisations below, as I've altered it based on suggestions and my own ideas.
I'm wondering whether to reduce the number of weaknesses and resistances for each type though; Pokemon types tend to probably only have 'three or four' weaknesses and resistances each, while I've got loads and loads of relationships. HMM.

And here are the rationalisations for those relationships (based on the effects of an attacker's strike):

- Evolved to kill other animals
- Devours food
- Can't really damage buildings
- Or metal gadgets
- Or ghosts and the unexplained
- Technology and science of all kinds is animal-proof, in fact

- Is land-based and can't hit flying things
- Gnaws on bones, destroying undead
- Devours food
- Smashes up buildings
- Is thwarted by technology
- Devours pirates
- And ninja
- Is useless against ghosts and aliens
- Disproves religion
- Is merely a specimen to science
- Can't do much against magic

- Has the upper hand against land-based animals
- And dinosaurs
- And forest creatures
- Can blow away filth
- Can barely make a mark on buildings
- Or technology
- Swoops away pirates
- And ninja
- Is useless against ghosts and aliens
- Isn't great against the laws of science

- Their powers of darkness are partly absorbed by other dark creatures
- They corrupt nature, being unnatural abominations as they are
- Useless against the power of love!!
- Their dark energies can destroy ghosts and aliens
- They are weak against holy things
- They baffle and stun science

- Is land-based, and can't really reach airborne things
- Struggles against unnatural abominations
- Struggles to ward away filth
- Can destroy buildings
- Resisted by technology
- Conquered by pirates
- Helpless against the supernatural
- And the divine
- Explained by science, can't fight back
- Useless against magic that defies the laws on nature

- Stuffs and bloats animals
- And dinosaurs
- Is refused by undead
- Architecture doesn't eat
- Pirates will stop their rampages for a good meal
- Refused by ghosts and aliens

- Makes animals ill
- Doesn't stick to airborne things
- Blends in with nature
- Rots food
- Blends in with other filth
- Dilapidates buildings
- Rusts and clogs up gadgets
- Doesn't bother filthy pirates
- Disgusts religions, as is clear by many of their commandments
- Is easily waved away by magic

- Can't do much against moving targets
- Especially if they're airborne!
- Encroaches upon and destroys nature
- Is controlled by gadgets
- Can contain paranormal phenomena
- Can cause religious types to want to worship
- Is easily warded by science
- Is putty in the hands of magic

- Cleans up filth
- Hacks other gadgets
- Is ignored when love shows up
- Not yet able to detect paranormal phenomena reliably!
- Shunned by religion
- Impresses science types
- Doesn't impress magical types

- Tames beasts
- Doesn't tame dinosaurs
- Is ignored by the undead
- Isn't much appreciated by foodstuffs
- Is laughed at by filth
- Doesn't affect buildings
- Or technology
- Loves love!
- All pirates need is a hug!
- Ninja too!
- "What is this thing you humans call 'love'?"
- Pacifies the religious, who hold it as a value
- Dissected by cold science
- The strongest magic of all!!

- Struggles when fighting giant extinct lizards; not really their area of expertise
- Can't reach flying things very well
- Unfamiliar with battling unholy horrors
- Devours food
- Likes breaking furniture and smashing up towns
- Holds back against other pirates due to a Pirate's Code
- Hates and defeats ninja!
- Smashes up science!
- Terrible when faced by magic

- Also unfamiliar with battling ancient thunder lizards
- And can't reach flying things
- Familiar with myths and legends; used to battling eldritch phantasms and such
- Prefers not to destroy buildings
- Hates and defeats pirates
- Reluctant to defeat other ninja
- Familiarity with magic and monsters leads to effectiveness against the paranormal
- And magic

- Ignored completely by animals
- Wishy-washy unexplained phenomena pale in comparison to real dark magic
- Supernatural; better than nature!
- Haunts houses; aliens zap buildings
- No good at leaving an impression on gadgets
- Scares pirates
- Ninja are prepared, though
- Competent within its own familiar domain
- Explained away by religion
- Baffles scientists
- Warded by magicians

- Can't explain dinosaurs very well
- Turns undead
- Can't preach to a building
- Or to gadgets
- Love listens
- Shunned by pirates
- And ninja; contrasts too much with their lifestyles
- Explains away the paranormal
- Rejected by science

- Explains dinosaurs
- Can't explain undead
- Still struggling to explain nature
- Cleans up filth
- Hacks gadgets
- Ignored by love
- Can't explain the paranormal
- Criticises religion heavily
- Can't explain magic
- Or art

- Destroys dark magic
- Inferior to nature
- Doesn't do much to technology
- Ignored by love
- Defeats pirates
- The best defence against the unknown
- Trumps science
- Resisted by other wizards

- Not understood by animals
- Or dinosaurs
- Or the undead
- Captures nature
- Ruined by filth
- Well-received by love
- Ignored by pirates
- And ninja
- Captures religious ideas
- Impresses wizards
- Enjoyed by other artists
- Scoffed at by musicians, who feel superior

- Ignored by animals
- And dinosaurs
- And the undead
- Well-received by love
- Scoffed at by artists
- Enjoyed by other magicians

Phew. Well, that took ages!

These are not at all balanced!! I only went through them once, and the numbers don't exactly add up; there are no doubt many types that are significantly inferior to others.

Instead of spending forever tweaking things myself, though, I thought I'd - gasp - actually ask people here what they thought.
So if you have any suggestions for type relationships that should be added, removed, changed, or whatever, in order to better balance the grid, then I'd be interested in hearing them! I won't necessarily accept *all* suggestions, but I'll keep altering this based on what people say, and we'll see if it's any better in a few days' time.

I may not necessarily keep all of these types! But for now, there seem to be enough of them and they are fairly interesting and unusual!
5 years ago

Silly Types

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: Game DesignIdeas
This is a follow-up to the previous post! I mentioned a silly monster-catching game idea, which would have silly types similar to Pokemon types in that each monster would have one or two, and they'd flavour moves and affect damage.

After a while spent going over dozens of potential ideas, I've narrowed them down to a possible set of types, which I'm writing about here purely for the sake of interest! I may never even work on this game, and if I ever do, it probably won't have these exact types in it. Still, it's amusing to combine two at random and see what ideas come to mind; I think I might do some drawings of potential monsters by doing that (using a random generator to give me two types, which I'd combine into a design) purely for the fun of it!

Anyway, here's a list:

Fire or 'Flaming' - A fire-like type. Added because fire seems a 'necessary' type, but it could very easily be removed!

Wet or 'Water' or 'Liquid' - Again, a boring but common and 'necessary' type?

Airborne - Essentially Air/Flying; not interesting, but it might also be 'necessary'...

Stone - These four were the basic 'four elements', but they're not silly so they might be changed.

Animal - Like Miasmon's Bestial, or sort of like the Normal type from Pokemon.

Nature - Foresty; could be anything from plants to insects to fairies.

Undead or 'Corpse' or 'Skeleton' - It's easy to come up with designs with this as type, though I suppose it's not very *silly*...

Pirate - Maybe the first really silly type. Designs come readily to mind and might be amusing!

Ninja - A natural progression of ideas! Pirate and Ninja would be super effective against eachother, of course.

Food - Anything from chocolate to roast potatoes.

Filth or 'Slime' or 'Ooze' - Could include anything from rubbish to rotting, slime, decay, sewage, etc; similar to Poison from Pokemon, but more disgusting.

Paranormal - Includes ghosts, aliens, cryptids, dark magic, and all sorts of things like that!

Architecture - Includes buildings and furniture and things like that.

Gadget - Appliances like egg whisks and toasters would fall under this, as would mobile phones. Maybe it could cover robots too? Or mabye I'd need a separate 'Robot' type.

Dinosaur - Rrar.

Love or 'Lust' - This could be silly when combined with things.

Silly ideas come to mind, like:

- A chair (Architecture) which evolves into a shed (Architecture) then a castle (Architecture/Stone).

- An egg whisk (Gadget) that evolves into a monster truck (Gadget/Architecture)

- A raygun which evolves into a flying saucer (both Gadget/Paranormal)

- A dragon might be Dinosaur/Airborne

- A chupacabra which is Animal/Paranormal!

- Silly combinations, like: Dinosaur/Pirate, Food/Love, Ninja/Filth, Gadget/Stone (magical runic ancient technology!), Architecture/Ninja (o_O), Animal/Gadget (a robot dog!), Undead/Food, Architecture/Airborne (a plane or helicopter), Pirate/Airborne, Love/Ninja, Gadget/Undead, and so on and so forth!

I wonder how long the Pokemon developers worked on their type list for? No doubt I'll be making significant changes to this over time, but for now it's amusing me.

I may entirely remove some of the basic ones like Fire and Water, and could replace them with things like Magic/Wizard, Science, Religion, or more *conceptual* things like that!

One annoying this is that I feel I should compress the types as much as possible. I can't have more than about 18, which is why I have to combine things like ghosts, aliens, and cryptids (which aren't even very similar) into 'Paranormal', and why vehicles have 'Architecture' as their type, and so on. I would have wanted 'Food' to be 'Chocolate' or 'Savoury' and 'Sweet', but it's best to go with wider categories.

Planning their weaknesses and resistances will be interesting. o_O
I'd probably come up with really absurd rationalisations for why one type is good against another.

Anyway, I'm mainly just entertaining myself here!

EDIT: Maybe a list like this would be more interesting and original? EVERYONE does fire/water/whatever, so basing types more around 'archetypes' than 'elements' like this might at least be something new:

01. Animal
02. Dinosaur
03. Airborne
04. Undead
05. Nature
06. Food
07. Filth
08. Architecture
09. Gadget
10. Love (or Lust or Sexy or Cute or something?)
11. Pirate
12. Ninja
13. Paranormal
14. Religion (resisted by and weak against Science!1)
15. Science (maths, physics, chemistry...!)
16. Magic (wizard-style spells, contrasting with Paranormal's weird 'unexplained phenomena' stuff)