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5 years ago

Understanding the 9 Enneagram Types!

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I know I'm 'coming on strong' with this whole Enneagram thing and writing a lot about it all at once (I only learned about it yesterday! o_O), but I'm trying to learn more and as I do, I wish to share it in order to hopefully assist others who are unsure about their type and wing.

It's interesting how personality systems like this appeal to me deeply as a 4w5, as 4s crave to understand themselves and to not feel 'defective', and 5s wish to see patterns and to gain knowledge.

Anyway, what I'm going to do here is write my own brief impressions of each type, as they are at the moment. I'm still new to the system, of course, but perhaps this will be of some use anyway. I've done a lot of reading, so maybe I'll be able to communicate the essence to save others from having to read as much?

Type 1 - The Reformer

These strike me as strict 'disciplinarian' types; the ones who feel they have a 'moral cause', who speak of 'good and evil' and 'right and wrong' with such importance, who are 'all work and no play' in some sense. They may feel that they are 'crusaders'; knights defending a cause. The sort who corrects others, who has great self control and who denies themselves simple pleasures because they feel that it is wrong to indulge. They seem very Serious and responsible, and wish others to be that way too.
They seem to be seen by others as rigid and in control, but internally they feel like this takes a lot of effort, like they're holding down the lid of a bubbling cauldron of emotions, or holding the barred door to a room of beasts, and they'd best not relax their efforts lest the beasts get out and hurt themselves and those around them.

I find it easy to imagine them as a sort of Stern Father Figure archetype... Strict, disciplined, but not expressively emotional or sentimental. It's also easy to imagine them as Responsible, even as politically conservative.

I was able to relate to this type from my first reading of it because it talked about perfectionism and strong adherence to personal values... which does fit me, but the way in which these are important to 1s is different.
I'm a perfectionist and idealist in the sense that I've got a very narrowed-down view of what I like as a result of feeling so 'different' to others; a 4 thing. I fantasise wildly about ideal situations, while 1s instead try to maintain certain standards that they feel should be kept, or to enforce them.
I also feel the need for competence, which leads to perfectionism in my own work; this is a 5 thing, to seek expertise rather than doing a shoddy job. 1s would be perfectionistic because they are serious, disciplined, and wish to do things Right.

So generally speaking, the perfectionism and ideals of a 1 seem to stem from a strict sense of self-control and discipline, and it is to some extent assertive; they wish to enforce or maintain their strongly-held values in the real world rather than merely in an internal fantasy world.

Type 1 has ANGER OR RAGE as its basic emotion. They seek to use anger and instinctual drives for productive ends, which can result in criticism, assertiveness, and similar things. However, they always like to be in control of this anger; to hold the chain that shackles the beast.

I'd relate this to all but the temperament; I could imagine , , or similar fitting into this type.

I can see Si and Te about them, maybe?

Type 2 - The Helper

These seem like lovely people who are openly helpful, caring, compassionate and loving to all those that they come across. They seem to love without judging - seeing the good and ignoring the bad - and actively go out of their way to involve themselves in the lives of others to be helpful to them.
However, it seems that most of the time, they want this to result in appreciation, and they can get upset or feel worthless when these attempts to help are not properly thanked, leading to clinginess, even to domineering intrusion or abuse.

They are the sort who 'meddle' in the affairs of others! They don't keep their noses out of others' business, because they want to solve things, help, make people better. They're the sort who, in response to 'please, I'm fine' would say 'oh, nonsense!' and keep inflicting their help upon that person anyway.

It's easy to imagine them as a jolly old woman who lets homeless people into her house and feeds them purely out of the kindness in her heart... but feels upset if they don't seem grateful about it. She'd derive pleasure from the happiness that they express for her kindness.

Their descriptions says that they're empathetic and compassionate - which stood out to me personally as appealing - but there's no way that I'm personally this type because I don't accept people unconditionally at all, or go out of my way to help others for its own sake.
I have known people who may be 2s, though. I wonder if my step-dad is 3w2; he seems like a show-off who likes things because of how they'll make him look (a 3 thing), but he's also openly generous and helpful, holding doors open or offering to do this or that, or paying people more than they deserve... but if he's not thanked for his generosity and assistance - if people don't 'kiss his arse', as my mother gracefully puts it - then he sulks like a petulant child, or gets downright aggressive.

Type 2 has SHAME as its basic emotion. They feel afraid of being worthless, of being unappreciated, so they make themselves useful by helping as much as they can to stave off this fear of worthlessness.

I'd associate and to some extent with this; perhaps . Not necessarily , and probably not .

I can see Fe in this description; perhaps even Se, and Extraversion in general too.

Type 3 - The Achiever

These people seem to be charismatic 'role-model' types who have to stand out, to be something, to avoid at all costs being a 'nobody', and to do this, they adapt to the expectations of those around them; be it their family, business colleagues, or society in general. They are the most likely to be revered by others, the most likely to take action and achieve roles like prefects or 'class president' in schools. They carefully craft their image based on what they feel will impress, such as picking up interests, fashions, or whatever because of what it'll make people think of them. "I like jazz because it makes me look cool". This is not likely to be a conscious thing as such, and they won't see it as artificial.

Their personalities depend heavily on the opinions of others. They crave success and attention, but purely because that will bring them acceptance and admiration in the eyes of others. They alter their own behaviour in order to achieve this, rather than 'being themselves' and hoping to get along fine that way. They feel shame and worthlessness if they are not 'somebody', if they aren't worth admiring, or if they don't stand out.

I picture a politician, or a rockstar, or those kinds of people who have almost artificial personalities, built around what people expect, or like, or admire. It certainly brings them praise, yes, but they may feel more like they're living for others than they are for themselves.

I can't relate to this type at all, despite it being adjacent to 4. I mentioned that my step-dad may be 3w2, though. There's just something about the way that he picks up interests and shows them off that seems entirely designed to impress. He buys expensive clothes and music systems and things like that so then he can brag about their 'specs' or look savvy, sophisticated, or wealthy, or things like that. He uses the occasional word that makes him seem relatively 'hip' and younger than he is, all designed to impress. He tends to prefer interests that other people will notice, rather than things he does purely in the privacy of his mind. He was a successful businessman for a while due to the charisma and self-assuredness that this brought with it; a confident speaker who was able to rally others and convince them of his ideas, 'manufactured to please' as they were.

Type 3 also has SHAME as its driving emotion. They fear being a nobody, being unnoticed, being insignificant and not someone worth admiring, so they develop their personalities based around what society finds admirable in order to escape this underlying shame. They feel that they as themselves are not impressive, which is why they wear the carefully-crafted, much more sparkly shell.

This is another type that I'd associate with , maybe even .

I've no strong feeling for any associated Myers-Briggs functions!

Type 4 - The Individualist

This is the type that resonates with me the most, and it explains a lot of things I've been dealing with all my life.

These people feel different from others. In some way, they rather like this; they like being weird, abnormal, unusual... but with it comes a profound loneliness, a deep frustration that they don't belong in this world, that they can't really find common ground with others at all and struggle to find genuine connections as a result. They crave these genuine connections, however, and fantasise about ideal partners, friends or parents who truly understand them, and who they can understand in kind. Allies, with an 'us vs Them' mentality behind it. But once they find a partner or friend who seems like them, they quickly become moody and upset when this person fails to meet their ultra-narrow view of a 'perfect soul mate', when they seem like "one of Them" rather than "like me", and this can manifest as hurtful rejection and retreating into their own minds again to sulk about how they'll never find someone they can truly, truly understand and be understood by at the deep, deep level that they so dearly crave.

They spend so much time in this inner world of deeply emotional fantasy. They're profoundly emotional, and sensitive, and dwell on what sets them apart from others, making lists about how exactly they're different, how others get along with eachother sooo easily, but how they struggle because they don't have those traits. I've done this before, literally making lists of how I'm different to others. They're lists full of melancholy rather than superiority, though of course there's an element of that too; "I only like Classical and video game music, but everyone else likes rock and pop and rap and metal. I hate it; I can't relate at all. I hate those genres and wish others liked only Classical and video game music so then I could relate to them".
If I then grew close to someone who did like one of those genres - or who grew to like one of them - I'd feel almost betrayed, and deeply hurt, because they were moving closer to 'Them' (that is, 'the masses' or 'normal people' or 'everyone else') and further from 'Me'.

Their sense of identity is everything to them. They seek to understand themselves, and spend ages and ages in self-absorbed, even self-indulgent introspection, learning to understand themselves in every detail, in every nuance, and their analysis is untainted by pride. They freely and honestly speak about their emotional findings, about their weaknesses and differences, as if casting out lures, hoping that that one perfect soul mate might bite with an "I know how that is! I understand! I can relate!"
But they focus too, too much on these 'differences', on the identity that they think they've found, and it becomes very narrow. They become attached to this personality they've built up inside themselves, and become completely reluctant to try new things, even basic things, that contradict their narrow image. "I ONLY like Classical and video game music; I refuse to listen to this heavy metal video"; "poets don't work in offices".
If people ever criticise this personality, they feel deeply and painfully hurt due to their sensitivity, almost as if their soul was slashed by a sword, and they retreat away in distress about how people don't understand them, internally sobbing and fuming and wishing, fantasising that some saviour will come and save them from their lonely, miserable existence.

They are deeply envious and jealous of what other people have and which they don't, and dwell resentfully on these things, these differences, these misfortunes and their own lack of luck.

Type 4 is the third to have SHAME as its underlying emotion. They feel shame at being broken, defective, like they don't belong in the world and never will. They escape this deep-rooted fear by clinging to whatever scraps of identity they can, because by forming something coherent and stable - even if it's narrow - they have something to cling to, some hope that they'll find others who'll accept them for that.

They are very strongly associated with what I've described the temperament as, and I cannot see how someone could be a primary 4 without also being .

I'd also associate them with NF types, particularly INF due to 4's introversion (they spend most of their time alone, away from those who are 'different', dwelling in introspection).

I've obviously written more about this type than others, but that's because I know it so very well and, in many ways, I'm incredulous when other people choose 4 as their type - this is another trait of the 4; they feel annoyed and indeed incredulous if other people claim to be the same as them, because the miserable sense of difference is so deep-rooted and they're so used to disappointment when others fail to match exactly with them - so I'd hope that by explaining it in detail like this, I could 'weed out' those who aren't really 4s but who chose it anyway.

Type 5 - The Investigator

5s seem to be a withdrawn, 'intellectual' type (though intelligence doesn't seem to be a necessary factor) who observes from afar and gathers information, develops patterns, collects knowledge, in order to prepare themselves for coping with a scary world for which they don't feel ready.
They keep to themselves and don't generally participate in the same things that many others so readily do, instead preferring to watch from the sidelines... I say 'preferring', but it's only in a 'most comfortable' kind of way, and they may wish that they could be more carefree and involved.

They are focused on competence, and generally seek to develop expert skill in at least one area of expertise. If they go a day without learning, or developing, or improving their skills, it feels like a waste.
They are scared that they may be too incompetent to face the challenges that await them in the real world, so they retreat into their minds, and try to develop their specific technical skills so then they'd have at least one area they'd feel competent and confident in, or they'd have a way of distracting themselves from the pressure of the real world.

They prefer to dwell in the unknown, the unusual, rather than taking the well-worn path or diving into the mainstream and going with the flow. As such, many of them turn to rather nerdy interests, or attempt to make scientific breakthroughs, to make a difference through new ideas.

Visual representations of this type jump readily to mind. 'Nerds' and scientists probably usually have it, and it's no surprise that it's the most common type on this site.

Since it's my wing, I understand it well, and while I can't relate to with as much glorious accuracy as 4, it does explain why, as my wing, it makes me into a withdrawn, intellectual computer programmer type (whereas I imagine 4w3 would be more likely to be the 'hipster' type; 'different' and making a point about it through a carefully crafted image).

Type 5's underlying emotion is ANXIETY. They fear incompetence, and the world scares them because they don't feel ready - competent - enough to face it. They try to learn as much as they can about their specialist subjects so then they have something that they're good at, something to cling onto to feel safe. They're terrified of the idea of not knowing how to do things.

It seems easy to associate it with NT, particularly INT.

Type 6 - The Loyalist

These types seem to be characterised by a sort of anxiety which arises out insecurity; the feeling of threat, of being abandoned, hurt, or similar things. As such, they are inclined to put up barriers to protect themselves - to wear armour, I suppose - and to often wield a sword so then they can hurt others before they have a chance to be hurt by them. However! Not necessarily. It seems that a strong characteristic of the 6 is their tendency to embody completely contrasting traits. They can be both strong and weak, courageous yet terrified, bullies and weaklings, aggressive and passive, and so on and so forth, simultaneously. Many of these contradictions arise from a 'counterphobic' attitude; that is, taking the offensive towards their fears as a way of coping with them. Wielding the sword.

They're the sorts who'd develop or focus on conspiracy theories, who'd be slow to trust, who'd be reluctant to share their personal details online, or even their emotions in case anyone used them to hurt them. They don't take the 'risk'. They don't like being pinned down, or the thought of being blackmailed, or anything like that. This guardedness can turn into paranoia at its extreme.

They are deeply terrified of abandonment, about having to cope by themselves and failing, so they remain deeply loyal to those they're close to, or to the beliefs they've ascribed to. They're always willing to fight for and defend these beliefs, as that's preferable to losing what they have and being abandoned.

I picture a Guard in some fantasy setting, wearing armour and weapon and standing firmly in front of whatever it is that he's protecting... He does this because his head fills with thoughts of the terrible things that might happen to it if he isn't there to protect it, and he spends a great deal of his time wondering about whether or not he'd be able to cope with it when - not if, but when - those terrible things were to happen.
Or I imagine one of those modern people who's cynical and jaded, who talks about what a tough place the world is, about how the only way to get through it is to toughen up and fight back, or to retreat away completely.

I also imagine that many of those typical bullies (or trolls) who are 'really insecure, deep down!' would be 6s, while the sorts of self-confident bullies (or trolls) with no issues at all - who pick on others because they can and because it's fun rather than because they hate themselves deep down - would be 8s.
However, the personalities of 6s can be very timid and retreating too, due to the wide range of contrasting possibilities that this inner, constant anxiety can produce.

At first I could relate to the anxiety aspect of this type - since of course anxiety is a big factor in my own life - but my anxiety stems from being unable to cope with the world due to incompetence, not knowing what to do - a 5 thing - and about loneliness and not being understood or really finding where I belong in the world, about living a solitary life because I never find what I want - a 4 thing - so the guardedness of 6 doesn't speak to me in the same way.
I usually get annoyed at people who are so guarded about their feelings, their weaknesses, or even their basic personal information, in fact, because I as a 4 am certainly not guarded in the same way!

The underlying emotion of 6 is, again, ANXIETY. They are very insecure, and fearful about being taken advantage of, hurt, or of losing what they have and being left alone. They loyally defend what they have to prevent this, and wear the armour or wield the sword or simply avoid things - depending on the person - in order to guard themselves from danger.

This is another one that might associate with and , maybe , but probably not except in the case of 6w7.

I can imagine this going well with Te or Ti, but not necessarily; I have no strong feeling about MBTI functions for 6.

Type 7 - The Enthusiast

This seems like the oh-so-typical type. Generally extroverted and active, very active, always doing things, involving themselves, picking up loads and loads of hobbies and interests - and being quickly skilled at them! - but not really holding them for very long individually. Always on the move, on the go, looking for new adventures, new experiences, new ways to entertain themselves, but never really sure of what exactly they're looking for... so they try as many things as possible due to a sort of inability to decide on one to focus on.
They are lively, optimistic, enthusiastic and encouraging; a joy to behold and to interact with due to their energetic delivery and apparent zest for life. Very "happy clappy", involved, eager to get things done and to experience things directly. They can't sit still!

Their underlying emotion is also ANXIETY. They are forever flitting between one adventure to the next in order to distract themselves from facing their inner demons. They fear that if they ever stop moving, they'll be defeated by all their problems bubbling beneath the surface, and they don't want that.

Essentially they're what I described as on the temperaments page, in many ways, so I'm not sure what more to say about them here! I think they're not difficult to imagine... Robin Williams comes to mind as an example of how they 'sound'.

They're most likely to have MBTI types that start with E, but I'm not sure about the rest.

Type 8 - The Challenger

If type 7 is , this one is . Oh so .
Essentially they seem to embody all the concepts I've ascribed to in the past. Confidence, assertiveness, the desire to challenge others - to 'shake them up' either for kicks or because they feel it'll 'help' them in some way - and to be challenged themselves, to prove their own strength. Being strong is important to them, and they do not freely reveal their vulnerabilities. Tough love is the best kind. Fighting is a way to solve problems. They never back down from a challenge. They don't take 'no' for an answer.
They wish to make a mark, and they speak their mind freely and forcefully in order to get what they want or make the difference that they feel needs to be made. They can be controlling, are prone to anger, and do not like to be controlled themselves. On top is the only place that they are comfortable.

However, when they are on top, they shine, and become exceptional leaders, able to confidently command others and as such can be looked up to for their clear confidence, which others may envy.

It should be fairly clear what this type is like... Many bullies would be type 8 (though some would be type 6 with a counterphobic streak), as would those stereotypical 'Corporate Manager' people who shout and boss others around and show off how strong and important they are. Typical 'alpha' types.

They're not evil, however, and their naturally forceful nature may be turned to more positive pursuits, like a 'bully bullier', or a guardian of those weaker than themselves, or one who fights ferociously for a noble cause, whatever it may be.
You could have an 8 who argues fervently and relentlessly in favour of the right to bear arms, while another 8 would argue just as fervently about how guns should be banned, with neither backing down.

It should come as no surprise to hear that the underlying emotion of 8 is ANGER OR RAGE. They react physically to this instinctual urge, by raising their voices, throwing tantrums, and so on; anyone can see when an 8 is angry.

Obviously I didn't feel any affinity with this one at all myself, and obviously I have difficulty with people of this type on this site. And obviously they're ; I already said that.

They'd probably be ExTx types, maybe ENTJ or ESTJ and similar.

Type 9 - The Peacemaker

And if 7 is , and 8 is , then 9 is likely .
They are chameleons, who adapt to their surroundings. They can show traits of all 8 other types, without having a firm, distinct nature of their own that shines through... They're shapeshifters with no 'original form' to fall back on... though it could also be said that this adaptiveness itself is their true nature. They tend to adapt to the traits of those close to them in particular, though they'll be able to shift forms depending on the expectations of their environment. They do this so as not to 'be a bother', in a sense; they wish for the path of least resistance.

They are the most averse to conflict of all forms, and may either retreat from it, or play a mediator role to try and bring peace to others who are falling out. They are supportive friends, who put others first. They do not assert themselves as more important than others, and would prefer to go happily along with others' plans instead, shifting their form to accommodate them.

They like others to get along, and serve as a sort of 'glue' to bind others; a 'wingman', a matchmaker, a helpful friend who makes sure that projects are going swimmingly, putting everything and others above their own needs.
This can lead to burnout, causing 9s to 'disintegrate' towards anxious, guarded traits similar to a 6.

They have a tendency to run away from or ignore negative thoughts and feelings, to put them out of mind in order to put their mind at peace.

Like the 7, they may pick up many hobbies and gain quick skill with them, without ever focusing on any of them or devoting much time to them. The 7 would do this with flighty high energy, while the 9 may be 'slow' and calm about it, but would move on due to their chameleonic nature. It would be selfish to devote too much time to themselves, so they don't.

At first, this stood out to me because I too am averse to conflict, very much so, but my own aversion is largely sensitivity to my own identity being attacked, and a lack of interest in attacking others because I'm too deep in my own mind; the motivation isn't the same as it is for a 9, therefore I'm not one.

Interestingly, the 9 is associated with the emotion of ANGER OR RAGE... but their association with it is denial and avoidance. 9s are the types who 'don't get angry', who deny that anger is something that is even a part of them at all, and who seek peace and compromise in order to avoid anger at all costs, from themselves or others. They're so afraid of anger and rage that conflict becomes entirely toxic, but if pushed, really pushed, they are capable of violent outbursts of anger that surprise - or scare - those who know them.

I find it bizarre, however, that 9 is next to 8, so that 9w8 and 8w9 are valid types; it seems like a complete contradiction to me.

I've no idea about MBTI functions for this one either! Maybe there's no clear correlation between any Enneagram and MBTI types.

PHEW. This took ages to write, but I feel that I personally came to understand each of the types a lot better from it. Maybe - hopefully - it'll shed some light on them for others, too. Sorry about the length, though it is briefer than other descriptions of these types maybe?! o_O
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Enneagram 2 (Edit)

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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Since I only found out about this concept yesterday and hastily added it as a feature to the site, I have more to say already; more that I've learned. Well, mainly two really brief things at the moment.

Firstly, apparently 'Enneagram' is a singular that refers to the system, meaning nine-pointed... thing; similar in construction to 'pentagram'. So it's not right to call the types 'enneagrams', which is something I've been doing! Which is WRONG!1

Secondly, I've found another list of type descriptions which may help you understand each one better and as such you'd be able to decide on your own more easily (hopefully); it is here! ∞ LINK ∞
(Again, the 4 description resonates very, very strongly with me; those of you that have been reading these blog posts for ages may already know how different I feel I am, how lonely that makes me feel, how I focus on what sets me apart from others due to a longing not being satisfied, and how I'm very open and honest about my thoughts, feelings, and weaknesses with no desire to be more impressive than I am.)

I never seem to have any problem with these personality type things for some reason. When I was introduced to the temperaments years ago, Melancholic (or 'Melancholy' as it was in what I read) shone out like a beacon and really 'spoke to me' in ways that the others didn't. I was also easily able to relate to phlegmatic, and not at all to choleric or sanguine.
When I found MBTI, I did three tests... all of which gave me INFJ, and after understanding what the letters mean, I've no doubt that anything other than these four fit me.
With this Enneagram thing, I've done three tests now, and got type 4 on them all; 4w5 on the two that included wings.
And when I read the descriptions for each type, I know how to interpret them in a 'big picture' sort of way to determine whether or not I fit them as a whole, to remove ambiguity, so I've only known about this system for less than a day and I'm not struggling to type myself at all. Instead, it, like the other systems, makes me feel happy and 'understood' because of its accuracy; as a 4, I've always had this fear of being too 'different' and 'broken' and each one of these descriptions that fits me reminds me that I'm NOT entirely weird and, well, it's very comforting!

Since I know how to read the descriptions of each type - and I do think there is a method, and outlook, a state of mind behind it, which I suppose I've practised from interest in this kind of thing - what I'd like to do is write a blog post where I go through each of the 9 types and describe how I read it, how it fits to me, and why I reject or accept it. Perhaps seeing how I do this would be of some small help to the indecisive, or failing that, you'd at least learn more about me, which I assume at least some of you would be curious about!
Five of them did 'fit' me when I first read them, and I'd be describing what led me to reject three of those.

I'll do that later; for now, that page of descriptions may be useful to you!

I've also found another test that may be of some use: ∞ LINK ∞
My results were as follows: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞

Again, 4 is on top, followed by 5, and this further increases my understanding that I'm not a 1 or 6. 9 has a high score, but that's because it and 4 have sensitively retreating from conflict rather than asserting themselves as traits.

I do find it so strange how people get different results on different tests, since I never do!

This introductory page may help too: ∞ LINK ∞
5 years ago


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First of all, I'll say the usual bit that most people would actually be interested in before descending into the drivel that many will simply skip:

I'm still working on Miasmon, and I'm still coming along slowly but surely with it. I'm currently trying to revise certain character traits to make certain characters less flat and more entertaining, which is sort of draining, but it'll hopefully be for the best in the long run. As it was before, the male protagonist - Zaffre - had some quirk that made him significantly more appealing than Cerise, the female protagonist, who came across as flat in comparison. I'm trying to remedy that!

Beyond that, I'm not really sure what specifically to talk about concerning that game... which is why many of my recent posts have been about other things instead.

I've been talking about all this personality stuff recently - first temperaments, then MBTI, then high-reactivity, self-monitoring, and so on and so forth - and I suppose it was only a matter of time before I came across the system known as enneagrams!!
Those of you who are familiar with it may have seen this as inevitable. o_O

I've only just begun to learn about it - today is literally the first time I've read anything about it with any attention to what I'm absorbing - but it does seem to explain another important facet to personalities that helps us to understand why two people can have identical MBTI types and temperaments but such different personalities. Or something.

I've been looking at this site: ∞ LINK ∞

I started by reading through that introduction page, and checking the brief descriptions of each type to see which ones resonated with me the most. 1, 4, 5, 6 and 9 all seemed promising from the brief previews, while the others - especially the obviously 8 - didn't.

I then did the first test on this page: ∞ LINK ∞

The result it gave me was 4w5, apparently! I then read through the page about 4 in detail... and it resonated very, very strongly with me such that it sent a shudder up my spine. It hit the nail on the head, really, and goes a long way towards explaining a lot of the rambling I've done here in the past about being so different to other people and lonely for that reason, how sensitive I am, how I'm open and in tune with my emotions, and everything else.

I also read 5, which seems more like a Thinky sort of type, but I got a strong sense of affinity about the 'being scared to face the scary world' stuff, which is something I've felt for many years now, very strongly and very deeply. As a 'wing' - secondary type - it seems to fit well enough.

I also read the others, particularly 1, 6 and 9, but dismissed them all because even though specific details about them fit me very well, the big pictures that they described didn't fit me. It's fortunate that I am familiar with how to interpret these kinds of 'big picture' descriptions!

I then took the second test on that test page thing and was pleased to have my decisions confirmed by getting 4w5 again.

I got this image, which was nice, because it confirmed that my affinity for 1, 4, 5, 6 and 9 was reflected in how I tested: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
They even seem to be roughly in the order of how much I like them as personality types, with 8 right at the bottom of course.

The tests aren't long, and for me at least, they were accurate! So maybe you should do it and see what you get! I'd be very interested to hear peoples' results, and what they think of them!

Reading about 4 might also explain potentially annoying things I've done or said here in the past, particularly in blog posts. I JUST WANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD!1!11
(I particularly remember one fairly rough person attacking me for speaking about how unpleasantly 'different' I felt and telling me to 'get over myself' because 'everyone is different, deal with it' or something like that.)

I may eventually add these things to the site like I have with MBTI and temperaments. I don't see why not!

I've totally already added enneagrams to profiles; you can add yours from your Settings page. I bet this was totally a wise move.
I also have coloured formatting for them, but I'm not entirely satisfied with it at the moment, so I'll improve it over time.