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6 years ago

An Update to Blurbs

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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I mentioned blurbs sarcastically in the post I wrote a few hours ago...

I've always found it interesting to know what people think of other people - gossip interests me - especially when I wonder if others think the same way about someone as I do...
Like if I find someone grating, it's reassuring and cathartic to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I added the blurbs feature so then people could express their honest opinions about individuals anonymously, so you'd know if you'd upset people or made them happy. Or something.

The blurbs page can be a great way to learn about a person... but of course, the anonymity leads to some truly nasty blurbs that aren't even accurate, leading to people getting the wrong idea about the unfortunate victim by reading such things about them.

I've added a feature now where you can respond to blurbs that you get, in order to tell your side of the story. You can learn even more about someone from their replies than you can from the things that others say about them, and hopefully being able to respond rather than just sitting and taking the abuse will make some people feel better about the system.

So yes, please use this feature sensibly. I bet I'm going to go through my own blurbs page with a headache and many sighs, explaining the various reasons behind my many faults that people have oh-so-abrasively pointed out.
6 years ago

About Blurbs...

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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Blurbs allow you to 'review' people anonymously, but they've already been seeing abuse, it seems.
Some of them are obviously not written seriously, as if the writer thought that they could get away with essentially breaking rules due to the anonymity of the feature.

This doesn't work though, because as the Blurbs tab on userpages says, the author is stored, even if it's not displayed, meaning that I can look in the database to find out who wrote a certain blurb, and punish them if need be.

Normally I wouldn't WANT to see who wrote blurbs, especially on my own profile, but I would see the need to look up that information if there was rule-breaking or trolling going on.

So keep this in mind, and write good and serious blurbs that reflect your genuine feelings, rather than inane meme-filled rubbish that just wastes space and says nothing.