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3 years ago

How do you feel about MARDEK so far?

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I've been updating the Alora Fane blog a lot with my progress on the new version of MARDEK, but I'm curious about what the general feelings are about it so far. I've made a poll to get an idea: ∞ LINK ∞

I really, really hope that it can turn out well, but I've been on the receiving end of so much scathing criticism in response to changes and new ideas in the past that I can't help but feel very nervous about the same thing happening again...
5 years ago

Gauging Interest

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I've been wanting to make a new community that has a different set of values or attitudes or things like that than Fig Hunter, and I've mentioned that before... I'm curious though about whether any people here would prefer a community like that.

It seems that Fig Hunter has developed a certain attitude over the years... One where 'Intelligent Discussions' are the ideal, where objective discussion and criticism and debate are the norm, and where argumentative young geniuses can find a place where they can engage their critical thinking.

My ideal community, though, would be one where essentially disagreeing with other people was, well, wrong; where if you didn't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. Where people could happily express their (non-aggressive) *feelings* and whatever (non-aggressive) thoughts are on their mind, as well as their favourite things and so on, and they'd get friendly, supportive, probably detailed replies and NOT arguments or debates. Somewhere where you didn't have to brace yourself for replies telling you how they didn't share your preferences, or how they think there are flaws with what you like or believe, or how they think you should behave or think differently.
Somewhere where sensitive people can thrive, rather than feeling frustrated or hiding.

Which of these communities sounds more enjoyable to you?

A 'debate club', where all views are discussed and analysed objectively, and civilised, intelligent, rational disagreements were the norm? Somewhere where you could come to hone your intellect; a place to refine your mind.

Or a 'support group', where being *nice*, friendly, and emotionally expressive is expected and welcome, and debate and arguments are forbidden? Somewhere where you could go for emotional support and a mood boost; a place to lift your heart.
6 years ago

I'm so mature!!

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Miasmon beta testing is coming along fine, though there's a whole lot left to do. It'll probably take weeks to get through all the work that needs doing, since there's more to it than just bug fixing.

I want to talk about something completely unrelated in this post, though.

I have been running this site since 2004, and in that time, I've come across many, many teenagers, particularly male ones, and have noticed trends in their behaviour.
One very common thing that I see is the need for teenagers to prove how 'mature' they are.
Is that word even really used by anyone other than children and teenagers? Perhaps only rarely, while it seems to be an everyday thought for younglings, who seem determined to prove that they're wise beyond their years, that they're on the same level as people many years older than them. It is an arrogant thought.

In my own experience, it takes years of growing to realise how naive this belief is... and how petty. I'm 24 now, which is by no means old, but I've certainly stopped enjoying getting older (though I don't remember ever enjoying it; I was never one of the ones who craved to be an adult, and even now I can't or don't do a lot of the typical Adult Stuff like driving or drinking).
I've no desire to be seen as 'mature'... but during my teenage years, I, like many, probably did think I was wiser than my peers. Perhaps it's just a natural phase.

If you're a teenager and you're reading this, chances are high that you think you are indeed very mature, and wise, and clever beyond your years. It'd be more surprising if you didn't think that.

If you've grown beyond your teenage years, however, I want to ask you... Do you recall going through that stage yourself? Do you feel you've grown out of the need to prove how 'mature' you are now? How does it make you feel to look back on that, and how do you feel about teenagers who openly go on about how 'mature' they are, especially when they claim they're as wise as people a decade their senior, or when they go on about how many older friends they have or how they prefer talking to the older teenagers and adults because everyone their own age is beneath them?