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6 years ago

Zaffre & Cerise

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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I've been drawing various types of concept art for Miasmon lately, and though I've already shown them off in other places, I thought it might be interesting to more people if I make blog posts about them. They are relevant to this site, after all.
I'd make a special Art section of the site for them, like on the old version of the site... but this is easier.

This is some concept art of the protagonists, specifically portraits of their ugly mugs:

Human faces are one of the hardest things to draw, because we've evolved to recognise faces in more detail than other inanimate objects or body parts. It's easier to see when a face is 'off' - even if you aren't sure how it's 'off' - than it is to see that something like, say, a drawing of a dog's 'face', or a turnip, is 'off'.

Being able to draw faces well has been like some Holy Grail to me for years now... I'm not quite up there with the masters just yet, but I think I might be getting somewhere; the faces actually sort of look like faces, at least.

Portraying *character* in a face is a whole different matter though... Something I still need to practise more!

ANYWAY. As for these faces...

The left on is Zaffre, the male protagonist. He had a hard past, growing up in a colony that was poor and constantly beset by monsters. He learned to fight from an early age, was all too familiar with hunger, and knew what it was like to watch people he knew being killed around him. This makes him... not a fan of monsters. He's also rather pragmatic, gruff, and suspicious.

The girl - if indeed you can tell it's a girl; I still struggle with making faces look feminine - on the right is Cerise, the female protagonist. She grew up in a bubble, so to speak; in a colony where strife, famine, crime, etc, didn't exist. She's well-educated, but naive; she's only seen monsters in books and videos before, so the monsters she sees on Fracture are novel and exciting to her. She's bright, cheery and inquisitive, since unlike Zaffre, she has no reason not to be.

Each of them comes to Fracture to join the 'Daring Delvers' for very different reasons, which are explored in the game.

Unlike in Pokemon, each of these protagonists speaks, and has their own personality, rather than being some soulless avatar for the player. You choose who you play as, which changes some bits of dialogue, but many plot events involve both of these characters anyway, so the story isn't much different regardless of who you are... It's hard enough writing one story thread, let alone two!

Anyway, this is 'concept art', which is used to demonstrate a concept, a design; it's not meant to be a refined masterpiece or anything. That's why some bits aren't given texture, other bits are sloppy, etc. I say this in anticipation that some people may point out such 'problems' as if I'm unaware of them.

One of these days, I hope to be able to get a smile to look like a smile! I can fill pages of my sketchbook with attempts, but getting it *right* still feels like it's beyond my at my current skill level!