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6 years ago

Miasmon Bestiary 1: Gruul

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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Looking at the painted portraits from the game I made in 2005, which I talked about in the last post, made me feel bad, because I've barely improved at all in terms of drawing skills since then. I may have even gone backwards!

I want to work on my skills though, and since I'm working on Miasmon anyway, I though it might be interesting if I could regularly make a post like this one, where I include a picture of one of the monsters that will be in the game, as well as a short description.
That way, I'm introducing you to the monsters one by one, hyping up the game, giving you something to see when you check the site, and improving my drawing skills, all in one!

I'll go through monsters in no particular order. First, I will start with the humble Gruul!


Type: Bestial

You should have all seen this one already. Isn't it interesting, comparing this with the version shown in the last post, from 2005?!?

Gruuls are common, basic monsters, which you'll probably find near the start of the game; you could compare them to Rattata or Bidoof. They're physically-focused, with good attack and poor magical attack and defence.

They're commonly seen accompanying rookie trainers, since they're relatively tame and easy to find.