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6 years ago

Miasmon Bestiary 7: Wingecko

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Three in a day! I'm probably going too quickly with these, actually, so I'll slow down from now on. I felt these three should be grouped together though.


Types: Saurian / Avian

This was the third family that I designed, conceptually, but it was ages before I actually decided on appearances for them. It was meant as the third of the original starters, before I changed it to just Protonculus.

It is a flying lizard of sorts, based on those actual real life gliding lizards, but also based on the thing that its final form is based on. Yes.

Anyway, this one won't even appear in chapter 1, probably, but it seemed wrong to not group these three together.

One of the wings - which are more like flat 'plate' things than bird wing things - is drawn rather badly; it looked better in my sketchbook! And that's a feather on the end of its tail, in case that's not clear.
6 years ago

Miasmon Bestiary 6: Merrowet

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Types: Humanoid / Aquatic

This was the second family of monsters that I designed, I think, meant as the water-type starter. I wanted a Bestial starter and a Humanoid one, as well as covering the basic elements.

It's not something I'd expect people to consider 'cool', though; it's one of those things that makes up the numbers unremarkably, or which plays a specific role in opponents' parties or something.

Like Sparkpup, they don't appear in the wild, and likely won't be obtainable in the first chapter.

They're based on sprites and pixies and little curly-shoed elves and such, and are mischievous and probably giggly.
Their head shape is based on a water droplet, but also on those floppy hats that gnomes and some depictions of forest spirit people, or Link, tend to wear.
6 years ago

Miasmon Bestiary 5: Sparkpup

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Types: Bestial / Flame

This rather Pokemon-like monster was the first one that I designed, I think... Or actually, I started with its fully evolved form, then went backwards to this, so this was at least the first family I came up with.

I'm surprised at how cutesy the monsters I've uploaded so far have been; I wasn't really expecting there to be so many. o_O

Anyway, I can't really draw cute furry animals very well, dogs being no exception, so there are faults with the anatomy of this that I'm aware of. Oh well; you get the general idea anyway.

Sparkpup was going to be one of the three starters before I added Protonculus and decided to go down a somewhat different route to Pokemon.

It will appear in chapter 1, but only when used by a plot character that you battle against; getting one yourself couldn't happen until a later chapter, and it wouldn't be easy. They can't be found in the wild.

Anyway, they're very loyal and have fiery breath; they're just what you'd expect from a flame-type dog thing!
Their large ears are inspired by fennec foxes, and their esoteric name is derived from 'Sparkpup', which is the name of this monster, which means 'Sparkpup'.