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Needles are pointy. And sharp. If I so much as look at them, they cut my eyes. ;-;
No, in all seriousness, I do quite a bit of sewing and I come into contact with needles a lot. Literally. Also pins.
Not to mention syringe needles.
david s

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Without needles, I'd literally have fallen apart by now. I'm stitched up like a baseball.

Without sewing needles... uh... cloth wouldn't work very well, now would it?

In all seriousness, I do understand that people hate being jabbed and prodded by needles in medicine and such, and many people have a fear of it, but I kinda like the needles. Now days, if I'm getting poked with one, it's most likely to take a pint of blood for me to donate, and I love doing that, so to me, that needle is my friend. So yeah, I actually like needles. Call me crazy if you'd like, I have no problems with people hating them and I fully understand it. I simply like them.