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I, for some reason, feel motivated by my trip to Saudi arabia to post my utter fear of death here.
That is to say, all I could do there was speculate things while on my trip, since I could barely do anything.

Well, here goes.
Let me say that I am utter, immensely, completely, supremely scared of the Grim Reaper.
It is the one of the regions of existence that mankind is utter hopeless against. Worst still, no one knows what could happen after death. Could you ascend to a plane of eternal bliss or misery (kinda boring, eating pecan cakes or being tortured every day)? Will you just become non existent? Will you reincarnate as a dung beetle? What will happen?

along with that, I've been thinking about my very own existence and conscience. It was enough to keep me up while trying to sleep on my trip. D: Death is just like the very bottom of the ocean floor. Return is impossible. Maybe.

I've been having mixed feelings and hopes about death, like how non existence isn't an optional destination (the conscience has to go somewhere) or how immortality will soon be granted by science through cryogenics or some biological mumbo jumbo.

These thoughts still plague my mind and at times, make me feel a type of weirdness, like my entire existence is right in front of me. /obscurephilosophicalrubbish

Well, that felt good. I feel a bit better venting out my feelings on a realm feared by all on a Interest page. Kind of.