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Gods, isn't it so obvious that the Admins Should Be A Lot More Maturity? I mean, look at them, handing out *infractions* like they OWN the place. What IDIOTS. Hey, what's that? What do you mean SARCASM? I'm not SARCASTIC at all! The Pissiant Rubes Should Also Be A Lot More Maturity.

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Eh... I'm about 50/50 on this one. No figure of authority is perfect, especially not the kind on the internet. "Moderators, Admins, and Owners" are all either corrupt figures that exercise favoritism among members, overly benevolent/negligent to the website they run, or cruel, corporate, and "systematic rapists" towards anyone who commits even a minor breaking of the rules. I'm not exactly sure which of the three the admins and moderators of FH are, possibly a bit of each, but I'm just rambling anyhow.

Although, Colgate, in Pseudo's defense, you are rather aggressive and arrogant on terms of behavior, considering that your posts lack much thought, expression, entertainment value, or intellectual value overall. You act as if just because you're "you" that everyone has to bend to your whim. I'd say more, but I'm rather slothful on things like this (unless of course it involves zombie-slaying, o_O) as well as with my overall activity on the FH site...

Moot point, no authority's perfect. This includes FH, it includes Bacefook, it includes ThemTube, and all sorts of different things (ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT, or some generic comment like that.)
Fenix Shakura

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*sigh* I feel for you. Who has not encountered those silly noobs who have casually claimed a moderator status, and now enforce rules they barely follow themself, behave like they achieved more than Billy Gates, talk in their blogs about the procedure how to make their coffee in order to stay awake until they can post how they are having it and think they have the right to harass any attractive-arrearing opposite- or same-gender youths.
Am I glad we don't have "These Annoying Admins" around here.

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Hey, thanks Colgate! I don't know how it escaped everything's minds, but this is an awesome idea, actually. Now instead of being too afraid to friend any of the moderators, I can just click the LIKE button, sufficiently satisfying the little voice in my head trying to compel me to friend random people