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    Okay... I'm somewhat reluctant to post this, but I just can't help it. What is it that's so very unacceptable about the whole thing? I admit I didn't put much time into researching the topic myself, but I just see no objective reason to dislike it. So, having heard the supporters of men's rights and the (presumably) neutral point of view, I come here to learn why it's not liked.

    The organization mainly seems to try and help men who can't stand for themselves for some reason. i personally think it's up to every man to solve their own problems (man's pride and all), but the society exists for the sole purpose of defending those who can't defend themselves.

    It's rather obvious that a considerable deal of what this men's rights association thing is fighting for ain't nothing but politically biased garbage. Truth be told, female rights organizations often respond in an even less coherent manner. But there are real issues that the organization is trying to solve. Sure, it's approach is blatant, but it's politics. Common sense isn't often seen here. Even a little of that stuff is quite a lot.

    So, what is the issue with this association?

    (Just to clarify, I've never heard about this association until I stumbled upon this page, so my knowledge is as scarce as what can be learned in 15 minutes of lurking or so.)

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    I don't know much about the international movement, but in the States the so-called "Men's Rights" movement is mostly misogynistic bullexcrement aimed at reversing the reforms pushed through by the feminists. I imagine the EU's movement has similar issues. Stuff like:
    * claiming they're oppressed due to an alleged paternity fraud epidemic. Paternity tests are easily available, this one is completely imagined.
    * claiming that they put more into social security and get less out. They're likely right but in the US women are typically paid 70% of what a man would be paid for the same work, and on top of that women usually live longer.
    * speaking of which, attributing shorter lifespans to oppression. They believe women live longer because women's health issues have been focused on the the detriment of men's. If I remember correctly, the scientific reason for women's longer lifespans is that they are far less likely to make stupid, impulsive decisions.
    * military conscription, which is a bit ridiculous because American female military personnel aren't even allowed in combat
    * the false rape "epidemic", which is one of their most outrageous claims, considering that a frightening percentage of rapes here in the States go unreported
    * they also believe an equal number of domestic violence cases victimize the man as the woman, which is absurd.

    They have a couple of points that make sense to me, like the complete ridiculousness of alimony. Weird thing is, instead of trying to eliminate it, they just want to extend it to men. They are mostly just a bunch of guys riled up that their society isn't nearly so patriarchal as it once was, with a few valid points drowned out by the crazies.

    As a disclaimer, I think that, for the most part, the concepts of Men's Rights and Women's Rights (and Gay Rights, etc) are pretty ridiculous. Everyone should have equal rights, with few extra rights granted where necessary (no examples of these come to mind; perhaps a child's right to en education). If there are going to be rights movements at all, there ought to be just one Equal Rights movement.

    A nice run-down: ∞ LINK ∞ . Sorry I didn't cite anything, I'm in a bit of a hurry.