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I've read these comments above mine. What is intelligence? The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skill. This word just doesn't seem to describe what intelligence is. I am positive that somewhere in this universe, there is a race that has reached a higher state than us. Whether it's just a years worth of technology ahead, they are far more advanced. Does that make us stupid? No, not at all. Just because one race has a higher technological state than us, doesn't mean they are any much smarter. Because, you cannot harness the knowledge of the multiverse. As we learn more and more, we learn that we knew less than we did.

As I post this, they have discovered the Higgs Boson, the possible final piece of the Standard Model and the Universe. Then we realize, gravity is excluded from the Standard Model. If the Higgs Boson is the explanation of mass, and mass connects with Gravity. Would that not mean the Higgs Boson is the key to another greater realization? You can never be the smartest person ever. Everything leads to something else, knowledge is a puzzle which can lead to anything, right now we still haven't finished the puzzle. Possibly we never will, the secrets of the Multiverse are beyond our grasp. We'll simply resort to assuring we are "intelligent", to be able to apply knowledge and skills...

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Intelligence... It really is a difficult concept to speak of. It for sure has near as nothing to do with how much you actually know. But knowing nothing at all is somehow a sign for not being to intelligent nonetheless. The phrase "to mentally adapt effectively to the environment" is pretty good but I would consider those people more "clever" perhaps? Because I'm bad at things like this. Somehow. Pretty much similar to AgainstTedium. Whom I would consider "intelligent" as well according to his self description.

Because I still consider myself "intelligent". Partly because I was told so being it from almost anybody during school (Ah, sweet days when I still thought knowing everything! Those were times). But also partly because it would be the only thing I'm good at then. And I want to at least excel a little in something. So I decided I'm intelligent.

I am able to think pretty fast, thinking rational and finding solutions and I'm usually able to understand pretty easy most things. Unfortunately I reached a point where just that doesn't suffice anymore and now I'm expected to actually learn. Ugh. Odd. I suppose that I will see in the near future if I'm really as intelligent as I claim to be.

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So many "intelligent" people, I feel massively outclassed.

So go on, what are your ideas of what intelligence is?
Why is it that you think intelligent is a good word to describe you?

I quite like the phrase "to mentally adapt effectively to the environment" to be a broad definition of intelligence. I feel I'm skilled at certain things, can reason effectively, and can synthesise new information based on conceptual inputs. However, it takes me longer than it should (note: this is only how I feel) to work out the rules of a new environment, partly due to a poor memory, and also to the inefficient way I tackle problems.

I'm not saying that I'm stupid, just that I don't feel intelligent.