Political Ideology - Capitalism

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Hm. Isn't this more of an economic ideology than a political one?
david s

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Technically yes, it is a socioeconomic system rather than politics, but it has such a heavy influence on politics that it must be considered on it's own. Socialism, technically, is the other end of it.(Social, versus the economic capitalism.) Still, they tend to come with their own beliefs that are directly linked to politics. A free market needs certain political freedoms for monetary growth and lee-ways provided to function and Socialism requires that certain activities, groups and systems, such as education, safety and healthcare, be protected by the government and, at times, enforced.

To be honest, it's best to view politics as an interconnected plumbing of lies washing the hands of those with good motives and bad intentions. Politics usually applies to the actions, but socioeconomics explain the motives, and the motive explains the action.