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This is a tricky one...

I'm gonna have to say I both like and hate this.

On one hand, gun control as we know it, or rather as we call it, where everyone has to have their guns registered and you can only own one gun and it has to be non-firing or whatnot... that's absurd, completely absurd. I'm a gun lover.

On the flip side, I see absolutely no reason you'd need a submachinegun.

Then, however, who gets to decide who gets what?

I'm fine with people getting to have rifles and shotguns and even handguns, despite the fact that a lot of crimes are committed with handguns and shotguns.(Very few are ever committed with rifles, since a rifle is likely too bulky and slow-firing for a crime, so in all honesty, they're usually pretty safe.)

I think that it is wise, however, that everyone should register their guns, however, I don't think too many people should have access to those records.(If an enemy military invades a country and finds a list of all the gun owners, that would be a script for a mass murder of civilians. Furthermore, if a government became totalitarian, ten guesses who they'd imprison first.) However, it seems like a fair price to pay, rather than letting guns go freely and unchecked. I also agree that there should be permits needed to get more advanced things, such as fully-automatic weapons.

Most crucially, and this is something I don't hear people talk about a lot, I really think that people should have to pass a dang test before they can own firearms. You must know several things about a gun: How to clean it, how to load it, how to unload it and how to fire it. The vast majority of people I talk to who have guns don't know how to clean the things, and that drives me nuts! It's incredibly dangerous to have a gun and never clean it! It's very easy to at least clean the bore. >_>

Gun education is critical, even more critical than your "Don't do drugs!!!1!one!" things. I was raised with guns, but I was taught about the proper use and safety of them. Despite having two older brothers who liked to pick on me and would often find various quasi-torturous ways to treat me, no one in my house ever misused a firearm, despite us all having access to them. We all knew gun safety, we were taught to never point them at a human being, to always treat a gun as if it was loaded, no matter what, to never have a loaded gun in the house etc. I attended hunter's training as soon as I was allowed to by our gun range(Age 8.), I practiced shooting and careful handling of guns since I was 5, I know guns literally inside and out(Not all of them, mind you, since there are thousands of gun designs.). I have never had a gun accident. I've known people who have had gun accidents. My uncle was playing at a friend's house when his friend picked up a handgun that was "unloaded" and pointed it at my uncle and pulled the trigger. It was loaded. Thankfully it missed, but the fact that this person was careless is unacceptable. He was simply told by his father to never go near the gun. What do you expect a kid will do? Kids like to do what they're told not to. However, when you tell a kid to be careful, and how to be careful, they're more likely to listen.

Keep your guns locked up, keep your kids well informed on proper gun safety, let your kids know how to use a gun right and you won't have accidents.

That won't get rid of gun crime, but nor would making guns illegal.(Ask England.) Gun crimes are also *reduced*, but not *nullified* when people are properly trained on guns... as well as properly educated in General.(Ask Switzerland, where guns are a little more... mandatory. ∞ LINK ∞ )

I do believe in gun control, but more specifically, being careful about how you control guns, and being certain to use guns wisely, as well as to teach others to do the same.