Irregularity - Social Anxiety Disorder

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6 years ago.

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Fenix Shakura

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There already is Social Anxiety Disorder as an aspect.
This one's written nearly the same way, but listed above everything else. I guess there's a spacebar or a nullchar in front of it that does the trick.
Well, since the creator of this one has not the "I want to make myself more important than I am"-syndrome, would he mind to join the other plebs... and A β Pseudolonewolf? *being brownnosy*

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No offense intended, but I feel the need to advise to avoid commenting in circumstances like this on aspect pages. I think PMing or messaging members about it instead would be more convenient, since aspects with comments in them do not get deleted automatically even if there are no remaining adherents. That is of course unless someone has already commented, so you can't do much further 'damage'.