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I find it interesting that so many people consider this to be a job... You could say that it's an occupation or something but I never considered it a 'job' by definition; merely a stage that prepares you for employment or the final stage of one's education, perhaps.

I am interested in knowing the reasoning behind this, so could you reply, maybe?! :D

It is also interesting that there are some pretty young people who consider themselves students; I was under the impression that the term applies to those who attend to a university or something 'equal' (technical schools or whatever terms exist in whatever wacky country you live!1). Therefore, it strikes me as somewhat odd that so many underage people (mostly referring to those below 16 or something) may be attending to a university! Or something similar, for that matter!1 :o

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It asked me for a job, so I had to say something! It threatened to kill me if I didn't! D:

Anyway, while it's not a "Job" in the technical sense, it's more precise than putting "Nothing" or leaving it blank... Though, it would be a good idea for people to put "University Student" and such, I feel.
Fenix Shakura

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My dad used to say "A job isn't necessarily something you get paid for."
And I have to get through quite some bereaucratical stuff to make it.
Apart from that one day I will be supposed to do an internship. So all in all it's sort of a job to me.

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I just don't like leaving spots empty, so I just fill it in. It's also what comes closest to a job for me.