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Sometimes, socks get really tired and turn into rocks, which are more comfortable when the rocks crush the ankles. It's pretty terrible when the red wired robot television with the vibrating knife does a synthetic dash in Lovely Movely riverside. It's also pretty terrible when the lack of mail leads to 122 missing cases of scissor orders being delayed.
Tofu mollusks have the magical property of increasing one's intellect and fluency with speech, which you really need if you want to have any hope of defeating Otrebla, the dark angle of acute pain and love.

Public announcements don't make any sense, since they always have to focus on dried out cinnamon make-up sticks and cougar lash clippers. It's also important to know that the more the eyes look uncoordinated in a person, the more likely it is that you killed a overgrown tome cow and now stand in the presence of the Beer Krystal.
Also, ponies are expensive.

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(I especially like the dark angle of acute pain and love, sounds pretty deep and metaphorical as it is)

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This is exactly what I've been telling people for years! And the dark eye never saw so clearly the third as that sunny night of spiders and the end. They just thought I was crazy, although I suppose I am if you look at me at 37.9 degrees through a green-tinted mind filter of ambiguous polarity. The birds still fly through the hats of infinity's synthesis with the evergreen continuum, so I suppose everything's okay in the end.