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"Hate" is a strong word...but I don't really see the point of blurbs. If I'm bothered by someone or something they did, a public anonymous forum really isn't the place for that. I think it would be most productive to contact them through PM or comment on their userpage so that the issue can be discussed. Many of the negative blurbs I've seen aren't constructive at all, they feel really condescending and the person doesn't really care about the effect of what they say, they just want to vent. That just seems so...pointless. Negative blurbs are so rarely constructive and so often abused.

Positive blurbs aren't much better. I guess I may be biased, since I feel that constructive criticism is much more important than praise, but it's hard to really know someone in their entirety. You don't know when they might turn around and make your blurb invalid or incorrect. The praise may be undeserved, and what's really the point of it anyway? It's basically just people gushing about how they really like a particular thing that a person does or a way they act...

By this logic, neutral blurbs are the only ones you can really trust, and they're the only ones I really pay attention to. Neutral blurbers generally don't have their words coloured by emotion, so are more objective and therefore more helpful. But I don't know. Maybe there is some greater purpose to blurbs I will see if I become more invested in the community? Regardless, I don't really see their point now.