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Soo, why are there just three followers of the one and only sport there is? This truly is a shame. Or maybe it just shows the sad status table tennis has in this world.

I would really want to know what status table tennis in other countries has (in Germany it is shocking how low the interest in this sport is regarding to the medias, we became three times consecutively European Masters in all three male disciplines (single, double and team) and it was not even mentioned almost anywhere, but an exhibition match of the football team with Azerbaijan usually gets the title page)

Do you know something of it, can you watch it in tv, are you at least playing it? Table tennis is one of the widest known sports I believe, so it really should get more respect or something maybe. Tell me if you believe this is rubbish, though!

Some further rambling: Member-wise, table tennis is the second largest sport in the world. Table tennis is the fastet reaction ball sport there is. Table tennis even is, I don't think there's a real English term for it, 'health sport' (there are only five sports or so which get that status) which means surprisingly it's good for the health.