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    I'm kind of torn. On the one hand, he's a crazy conservative propagandist and conspiracy theorist. On the other hand, his ramblings are hilarious. I suppose I do have to go with "dislike", though, since he does have a significant influence in the political sphere. Unfortunately.
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    Myes, I'm going to have to agree. He makes excellent fuel for the fire of liberal television hosts, such as Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, and surely his being kicked by Fox will cause a great loss to those news casters, Glenn Beck's over-zealous opinions and extremist nature have managed to upset quite a few people, and it convinces others that black is white and MARDEK is a bad game and all those other things that are untrue.

    Sometimes it's funny to see his barbaric actions and whatnot, but I personally hate it when someone embraces ignorance like that.