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Sooo, I have some questions to Final Fantasy, or better to say: I seek advice.

A little bit of backstory: I never played any of the old 'classic' games; I never had a console and I never had any games which costed money. Now I decided to finally play all the old, famous games (mainly the RPGs) on emulators. The Final Fantasy games fall under that category.

My problem as follows: Which versions do I play in which order? I mean, I did inform myself on wikipedia and I guess I got it now with the numbers of the releases in Japan and in USA and Europe and so on. Most of you probably know this but I want to put it down for myself:

Final Fantasy I - released in Japan and USA for NES
Final Fantasy II - released in Japan for NES

Both of them released in the Final Fantasy Origins in Europe/USA for Playstation

Final Fantasy III - released in Japan for NES
Final Fantasy IV - released in Japan and in USA under the name 'Final Fantasy II' for SNES
Final Fantasy V - released in Japan for SNES
Final Fantasy VI - released in Japan and in USA under the name 'Final Fantasy III' for SNES

Wikipedia says that FF IV and FF V were included in a Final Fantasy Anthology but I found under this name FF V and FF VI.

The rest does not interest me for now for I wish to play the 'classics' first. And the rest does not seem so complicated anyway.

Now I don't know what to do. I could for example play FF I on a NES emulator first then FF II with an amateur made translation hack on a NES emulator, same with FF III, then FF IV under the name of FF II on SNES emulator, FF V with translation hack and FF VI under the name of FF III. Is it recommendable to play the japanese games with translation hacks? Or should I play the first both as Final Fantasy Origins with a Playstation emulator? And the third one? As I see it I have no other option than the translation hack here. Is it worth the effort? Shall I just skip this one? And so on.

If anybody has suggestions to this, maybe own experiences with emulator games from which I can learn, then please just tell me what to do. There are just too many options.
Fenix Shakura

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Fenix Shakura 25 Germany PhlegmaticCholeric ISTJ 5w6 294C
You could play a localised, revamped version of FF3 on a NDS-emulator. Well, it's not retro-style anymore then with the new graphic-engine, but the game is still the same, and I think it's much more convenient for you.

The morally best solution surely would be to actually buy these games, don't you think? :p
Depends of course which consoles you own. I have remade versions of FFI and FFII (still retro-style) from the PSN.
FFIII, as I mentioned for the NDS. And I own 4, 5 (under the name "Anthology", that's just a name, nothing to it) and 6 for the PS1. Feel free to emulate whichever you like.
Ah yes, one thing, there is a GBA-version of FFVI. It's more recomandable than the PS1-version, because the loading times of the PS1-version are almost unbearable.

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Well, as I said I never had any consoles. Besides my PC. And a Commodore 64. Oh, and I have a Gameboy colour. With one game. But I did not buy that either. When I was young my twin sister once borrowed it from a classmate to play Pokémon and kinda forgot to give it back and now I have it somewhere burried in a drawer. Bet you wanted to know that.

I am just not as good a person to now buy a SNES or a Playstation (if that's even possible nowadays, but even when, I wouldn't do it) and the original games just to satisfy a whim of mine. I would have to get through efforts to actually get them, I bet, and it would cost money. I don't want to buy a Nintendo DS either.

I am probably a bad citizen. But my conscience can cope with that.

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Uhm, if you don't mind, could you please move all your discussions about favorite heroes, villains, bosses etc. to this aspect page? I ask because I see how forums slowly become Final Fantasy Poll Archive (not to mention that with that many villains, protagonists etc. across all games there are always too few fields in the polls).

So yes, could you people move this discussion here? Thank you in advance. ^_^'