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Yay, tall people! Though I wonder why the rest of you happen to consider yourself tall. Merely because you are above 6 foot? Are taller than anyone else you know? Just taller than average?
For me, it's simply being a 6 foot 3 14-year-old who towers over everyone in my school. What about you guys? :P

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I believe that this shouldn't be a "word" among 9 other words. It should be an irregularity. Which is right ∞ here! ∞

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In the settings page, under "irregularities", it does say "Please only use serious, named conditions". If a person actually has a disorder of some sort causing larger height than normal, then it would be better to use the name of the disorder (perhaps with a comment explaining its effects, if the name is some technical medical term the average person cannot understand.)

If a person believes that being tall is an important part of their "makeup", however, then it should be listed as a word. I may be wrong, but I think that is what applies for most of these people.