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I do not like autumn. Everyone always goes on about how everything looks so pretty, but all it does is remind me of death and decay. It's also a sign that the bitter cold of winter is coming.
david s

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I KNOW! All you see is death and destruction, the former glory of verdant leaves turns into dried husks, and they fall, lifeless, to the ground. All the trees become barren and bland, everything is brown or red or yellow, there is no peace, there is no calm. The winds pick up and nip at you, drawing the moisture from your skin.

I completely agree with you. I personally find fall to be the worst season. Spring is the best, with the new bursting life. Winter isn't too bad, since there's snow and perfection and peace and everything is clean and pure, and the nights are so clear and bright. Summer brings powerful storms and lush foliage and life, but fall... fall just brings death and sadness and decay.