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Wow, I haven't heard of a lot of those combinations! Namely, the cheese, nuts and syrup (what kind of syrup? Maple?). I know I've never put strawberries in a sandwich, either. I'll have to try some of those next time I have strawberries.

You seem to have gotten a lot of strawberry combinations that I know of, so the only things I can think of are strawberry soup, which is a blend of strawberries and white grape juice, served cold; and smoothies, which you can really put just about anything into. Soymilk, fruit juice, spinach, you name it.

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These are some of my favorite things to eat strawberries with: Chocolate, bananas, peanut butter, syrup, yogurt, bread, ice cream, nuts, lettuce, oranges, cheddar cheese, and cereal.

Please add your own food combinations/recipes!