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I had loved the books, but I absolutely HATED the movie. They changed how Katniss had gotten the pin, and that alone made the experience less than what it could have been. They really had done a terrible job with special effects, the Muttations were not supposed to look like a mere pitbull dog, they were supposed to look more like hellhounds. Also, the camera work, was amateur at best. I know they were trying to make it seem intense, but all it did was hurt my head and eyes with the constant shaking. How lame is that? They had a camera man run with the camera, following Katniss as she ran. Seriously? I know the economy is bad, but they are frigging Millionaires, they can't afford better special effects?!

Sorry, I tend to rant. But, Main Idea of this post, I Loved the books, not a thing wrong with them, but the movie could have been better in a lot of ways. Hopefully the sequel will be better.

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I've never seen the movie or even heard or read anything particular about it and just bought the book in English by chance because I coincidentally was in a book shop and decided to look for an English book and the title had a familiar ring to it.

It was one of those very rare reads I just hade two or three times in my life where I had no expectations or whatsoever towards a book and it totally took me in and made me not stop reading it until I was done. Where I felt really happy that chance lead me to pick it up and made me able to read it.

It took me in so strong that it got emotionally taxing. There were even two moments where I teared up a little because I was caught up in the emotions of the moment and that did not happen at all to me the last ten years or so.

The reason I post this here is that I want to say:

If there's anyone who hasn't read it, seen the movie, or better, not even knows what it is about, then acquire it somehow and read it somewhere alone, best in your bed, coiled in your blanket. That's what I recommend.