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I am a picky eater. Anyway, for me, it really depends on the fruit, overall though, I prefer fruit.

Here's my personal opinion on all the fruit and vegetables I can think of. First the fruit:

Apples: Good, but only if you cut that disgusting peel off. Otherwise, bleaugh.
Pears: Same as apples, only I can stand eating it with the peel, I just prefer it without.
Bananas: Bananas are awesome. I could eat loads of them and still be hungry for more.
Peaches: Okay, just okay. Nothing special about them. I don't hate them, but I don't particularly like them either.
Oranges: EWWWWWW! Fast forward please...
Grapefruit: The exact opposite of grapes, but... Too orangey. Next.
Grapes: I love grapes. There isn't a fruit out there that beats grapes (bananas? Pah. Screw bananas).

Now for da vegetables:

Cucumbers: Good, but only with ranch. Otherwise, I'll pass.
Carrots: Similar to my opinion about cucumbers, only they can do without ranch for the most part.
Brocolli: How do people eat that stuff? Disgusting! How do you eat shrunken down trees anyway?
Colliflower: EWWWWWWWWWWWW! -gasp- -huff- -huff- EWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Lima beans: See Colliflower.
Corn: I think corn is just bland. So, overall... Meh.
Asperagus: Another disgusting vegetable that is not worth describing.

When I think of more, I'll add onto this list, but for now, fruits win overall.

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Here's my opinion an your list of you opinions, not that you would care, anyway!

Apples: OK, but I hate them when they're brown. And how do you hate the skin, I can ONLY eat apples with the skin, they look so unappetizing without them!
Pears: Meh, don't really like 'em.
Bananas: NASTY NASTY NASTY GROSS! I can't stand plain bananas, but for some reason, the only fruit pastry I like is Banana Cream Pie (which is awesome if you put in chocolate or peanut butter! :D)
Peaches: I've only ever had them like once or twice, and I don't really remember the taste, so I have no opinion.
Oranges: On rare occasions, when the oranges are very good quality, I can stand them, but otherwise, I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole.
Grapefruit: Oh dear God take it away from me! D:
Grapes: I would like them, if you wouldn't so often get weird deformed ones that I'm too much of a sissy to eat for fear of being poisoned or something. :/

Cucumbers: I LOVE cucumbers, ESPECIALLY with Ranch, or a bit of salt.
Carrots: They're OK, not much of a fan, but they're better than all the fruits listed. Oh, but I can't stand carrot cake.
Broccoli: I *love* the steamed broccoli my grandma makes. I find that this vegetable is particularly delicious, but severely over-hated.
Cauliflower: Doesn't really taste like much, don't know why people hate it so much. Apparently it makes for a good replacement for pasta, which to me doesn't really make much sense.
Lima beans: Never had a Lima bean before, and I don't plan on it either.
Corn: Just plain corn on the cob? OK. Corn on the cob slathered with butter and a bit of salt? OMG OMG OMG FOODGASM LOLOLOL! It tastes insanely awesome and amazing!
Asparagus: Er... the heads taste OK, but the rest is quite unpleasant.

Yeah, vegetables definitely seal the deal for me. I'll update mine as you update yours, if you don't mind!

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Eugh, I HATE fruit! Vegetables are fine (and a lot are very tasty) but fruit is... eugh...
I mean, it's so rude how fruits think their so high and mighty, leaving their juices on every surface they touch, thinking people will enjoy their drippings. Well NO! It's gross and nasty and I dislike their smell. Vegetables, on the other hand, are nice and tidy, and are almost odorless.
Fruit is also often deformed and stuff. I just can't bring myself to eat a grape with a lump on it or an apple with a few extra spots on it. Something is OBVIOUSLY wrong with it and it's probably toxic or something and it's dangerous to eat. Vegetables have a more "abstract" shape, so it's normal for small lumps and such. You'll probably look s bit crazy if you complain about a cauliflower with a lump on it. :/
Also, apples and possibly other fruit will brown or turn gross if you leave it out for mere minutes. I don't think vegetables do that, but if they do, why are you leaving them out when you could be eating them? :D
So that's my explanation for why I hate fruits, and I'm surprised with the ratio of people who like fruits to dislike. Well, I guess I'm a very picky eater! XD

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Oh!? You're taking a jab at lovely fruits!? You better watch your mouth, cloudy flower...

Fruits taste much more better than vegetables, as I don't retch my intestinal tract whenever I eat these beloved fruit. Vegetables grow from the ground! Meaning that if you're on an island and you can only grow vegetables, then they'll be covered with icky germs that cause tetanus or other ailments. Fruits grow away from the ground, meaning they are fresh and clean when they ripen.
Also, planting fruit seeds is pretty easy, since the seeds can be found after you've scoffed down the yummy fruit, while vegetables have weird seeds I never seem to see! >:C
Vegetables are only tasty when they're turned into something else, like with potatoe chips or carrot cake. Fruit is always tasty, no matter what form. Vegetables are also weaker than a wet tissue since they give way to diseases when people rely on them the most.
Vegetable haters, unite against the fruit haters and show them why fruits will stay superior to vegetables! I'm also a picky eater to! :o

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You did *NOT* just go there!!!1

Fruits sometimes taste good, but they can be very inconsistent! I've had rather pleasant oranges, and super extremely water oranges! YUCK! When you eat a vegetable, you can be sure you're getting a nice, yummy piece of food every time! And when they grow out of the ground, why not just wash them off? (Oh, and isn't tetanus from rusty metal?) But when you eat fruits, how do you know there's no worm hiding in it? (Well the worm probably tastes better than the apple! >:D) Why plant vegetables? Just let the grocery store handle all the growing and harvesting and all that! Also, without vegetables, what would you put on your pizza!? Cantaloupe and watermelon?? Gross.
Fruit always taste BAD, not GOOD. In a salad, gross. In a pastry, gross. By themselves, gross. Fruit haters... let us unite against these vegetable haters and... er... give them vegetables! Yes... *convert* them! Muahahahhah!

Oh, and picky eaters unite too! :D


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Bleh, fruits are better then veggies, so deal with it! >:C
Besides, vegetables didn't save Abranana Linlcon, now did they?

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Ribbit 27 Germany MelancholicCholeric ISTJ 1127C
Is there place for people who like boths, fruits and vegetables? Or are you both such hardcore-foodists that you just crush everybody who takes a liking to your hated kind of nourishment?

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Whaddya mean you like both fruits and vegetables?!?!?!? I don't understand this nonsense! You can either be on one side or the other, not in the middle! There are no shades of gray in the world, NONE!

On a serious note: Yes, I hate fruits with a *passion* (get it!? ) and I, for some reason, much prefer vegetables. They are both (almost) equally good, but since I'm so , I have to argue about everything! XD