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Hmm... for some strange reason, I strayed to this page!

This page makes me wonder though. It is apparent that a fair few are public with their hatred for lag, but I wonder about liking it. I wonder if there is a person here in the site who actually likes it, genuinely. If there is, then why. That is... or umm, I demand that you show yourself!

Well, lag cannot be all that bad, right? Perhaps its cons just outweighs its pros! If I think about it... a good side could be... well, I get lag often, and especially during rainy days or really hot days! It comes in handy though when I accidentally make a typo, but I've already hit enter. I just click the PM button to my name to clear it up and avoid making a fool of myself again in chat! The lag basically blocks my message or umm... prevents it from being posted, so tahdah~! Other than that, I can't seem to think of any other good points...

I must be clear though! For me, lag can be infuriating and upsetting, so I generally dislike it.