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I'm pretty neutral when it comes to drugs, as long as the person can moderate the consumption, the problem is that many people can't, but assume they can, I'd never do crack or heroin, but I'm fine with alcohol and marihuana, those are not very addictive (keyword very), I'd never do tobacco either, I know I don't have that amount of willpower (and when it comes to some of them, you outright die when you stop taking them, I'd never try those), so I don't use them.

But the way moral guardians treat drugs just makes me facepalm, according to them, smoking pot once will turn you into a hobo living in a cardboard box within 2 hours, why don't you expose the actual risks and effects, the thing they are cousin is making teens careless about drugs "Well I smoked weed, and nothing bad happened, drugs in general are not as bad as they say, they are wrong, I can handle this" fast forward a few years, and they are in the cardboard box.

Educate people on the actual risks, you need long talks about the stuff, not 30 second ads and a little catchphrase, those "Not even once" ads are the worst, "take meth once, immediately your face becomes ugly and your teeth fall", it doesn't work that way, don't pretend it does, you'll just loose credibility.

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Yup, of course. I'm the only one to like. I got my reasons, you all have yours, I'm sure.

I just hope that some of this hate towards drugs was experienced the hard way, and not spoon-fed to you all according to the usual systematic approach I've noticed being utilized within many countries, for reasons I wish not to discuss, since I'm no conspiracy theorist...

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No, it wasn't spoon fed to me. Half my family are alcoholics, and 80% of them have done other drugs. I don't hate people that do drugs, so long as they do them in moderation. I just personally don't enjoy the prospect of taking them myself.