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I suppose I am curious about people's relationship to the paranormal, whether or not you are a member of this Interest—

I have not had a distinct paranormal experience of my own, though there have been small things I suspect. A former roommate and I used to practice reading images in each other's minds one night a week, and once we had an unusually good session. Afterwards we tried to sleep, and in bed I questioned to myself how good my visualization skills were, since maybe that would affect how well she could receive my images. I tried to exercise by imagining a cup of coffee—the appearance, the heat, the scent— as intensely as I could, and she actually said to me from across the room, "Hey, are you thinking of a mug? Because one just popped into my head."

What fascinates me about the paranormal is that it could explain such things in a beautiful way—as a spiritual connection— and that would have implications about how we choose to live and metaphysics and such. Whether it is actually real is another case. I am healthily skeptical, but I'd argue that pursuing truth also involves speculating about things that are more questionable. And even if it's all just psychological, it's still real on a level, right?

I do not participate much in journeying into the paranormal myself, though; out of fear, and lack of motivation to pursue something so invisible, mostly— I prefer to read about theories and the experiences of others and such.

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Well, I've never actually had any paranormal experiences, but on ∞ this ∞ test, I got a score of 14 (with the pool picture. I can never get higher than an 8 with the fruit salad), which is only two below the high score.

Although I'm not a skeptic, I'm not someone who automatically believes in every UFO sighting, ghost occurrence, and possession that I hear about. I do believe that the said events are extremely rare, and, in UFO sightings, for example, I only believe mass sightings, since I consider the 'mass hallucination' theory is crazy.

I also like to read about theories. I never actually do first-hand experiments because of how rare these events are; what are the odds that they will happen while I'm looking for them. During the few tests I have done, I actually feel less scared than if I wasn't doing the test. I can't explain it, but just being in my basement is extremely creepy, but looking for EVP's in it isn't scary at all. I don't know why.

Also, on the test I mentioned, I always find that it starts working better after I start focusing. Before that, it just does the tiles randomly, but after I start focusing and visualizing the picture, the pool always starts to become dominant. I think that I can't do the fruit because it is harder to visualize.