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1) Does anybody actually call it GNU/Linux in conversation? I either say Linux or Ubuntu.
2) Ubuntu 11.10 (See question 1)
3) I generally use GEdit, but have used nano before.
4) If I tinkered more, I'd be about where SavageWolf is, but as it is, I always forget what I'm doing and have to look it up on the internet.
5) Not at all. I'm a mainstream user, so if I have a problem, somebody's already had and reported it.

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SavageWolf 23 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTP 666 402C
Just out of avid curiosity, needing to test this out and just plain wanting a rating, I ask some questions:

1. Do you prefer to call it "GNU/Linux" or just plain "Linux"?
2. What distro do you use?
3. What text editor(s) do you use? Vim? Emacs? Nano? Gedit? Geany? Kate? MS Notepad?
4. How "skilled" are you? Can you compile sources? Can you recompile the kernel? Can you rewrite causality using a flash drive?
5. How "involved" are you in the development of your platform? Do you submit bug reports? Fix bugs? Create bugs?

All you hundreds of people who have added this as an interest.

Also, I don't know if you can reply to your own comments, so uh... I'll make a new comment with my answers if not.

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Orcris 20 United States MelancholicCholeric INTP 5w6 71C
I've been using Linux for about a year now, and really like it.

1) I just call it Linux.

2) I use Kubuntu 11.10. I started with Linux when Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat was out, and I've used Ubuntu until a few weeks ago. Then I decided to try KDE, and really liked it. Now I use Kubuntu.

3) I use Kate. I think it's some kind of pseudo-OCD I have, but I try to avoid software not made for my desktop environment. The only time I do use non-native software is with LibreOffice.

4) I would say I was bad to medium at Linux. I can customize it and I know the basics of BASH, but past that, I can't do any of the things you mentioned.

5) I'm not really involved. The most involved I get is I submit a bug report when the operating system prompts me to.

What are your answers, SavageWolf?

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SavageWolf 23 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTP 666 402C
Answer time!!111!

1. I typically just call them "Linux based OSes" or just "Linux". It's obvious what I mean, and I can't be bothered writing "GNU/Linux" all the time. Says I, hater of all who misuse the word "Hacker"...
2. I use Ubuntu, it's the only one I use. I should probably try a few other distros, but I can't find the time or effort...
3. I use emacs for command line editing, and Geany for graphical editing. I'm not as skilled with emacs as I would like (I can only do basic moving and some mode changes and such), but it takes time to learn, doesn't it!? If anyone has a guide or something, that would be useful.
4. I'm fairly skilled, I'd say, I've compiled the kernel a few times, and can probably use make. I don't usually have any need of compiling programs from source. I am not skilled at that horrible beast BASH, it's syntax is way too overcomplicated and such, Python I could probably use to a decent degree. Python is sexy.
5. I want to become more involved, and eventually develop software for it. I've done a lot of research into how to create packages and suchlike (I still don't know how). However, my programming level is not that great, having not found anything I NEED to program, so... Much of my knowledge comes from reading rather than doing...

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1. Linux (just to bothersome otherwise)
2. Currently I use Linux Mint Debian Edition, but I have long been in the Ubuntu crowd (since Hardy, I believe). Had my first experience with SUSE though, still in middle school. After about two months I went back to Windows until I discovered Ubuntu.
3. mostly vim, occasionally gedit (graphical stuff), sometimes bluefish (if I need regexes)
4. Recompiled the kernel before, but I usually regard it as too tedious; I do compile WINE by hand most times though. As for bash, so far I've written something between 15 and 20 scripts for my personal convenience (or inconvenience in case of ashutdn; it checks whether a flag file exists, deletes it if so, checks the time if not and shuts the computer down if it's between 1am and 6am; coupled with an entry into the bashrc it is rather effective at helping me not to stay up as late as I would otherwise), none of them worthy of being published though
5. filed and confirmed some bugs before, but not many (maybe 10-15?)

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1. I generally end up calling it nix.
2. I've used Mint 9 for a while; now I'm looking for a better one because it broke down and 12 is horrible.
3. I tried to use vim; It was terrible. Then I tried to use emacs: it was slightly better. I also tried to use several python IDEs, none of which worked well. I now use geany because everything works. I also occasionally use butterflys. (kudos to anyone who catches this).
4. Not at all.