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B..but it is a wonderful time of day. "The blue hour."

Such an ethereal quality to the light, no direct sunlight, but natural light still illuminates everything. And you can see it twice a day.

Come on. Lets not let some book/film series (I don't know - I don't read or watch that sort of thing) Hijack it. I'm assuming the haters want to go ∞ Fig Hunter ∞ rather than here.

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Coryn 17 United States PhlegmaticSanguine INTJ 972 10C
I totally agree!I do a lot of things outside at that time of day.It's not quite dark,not quite light.Perfect,in my eyes.You can see everything,yet you can't see it either.The book series is horrendous,but i still love The Blue Hour.It is so lovely and graceful,a sense of equilibrium flows through me at the sight of twilight.In my eyes,it is the best time of day.No offence to anyone,I am merely stating my opinion,nothing more.