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I love this author, I can't stop reading his books!
I read most of his books in my own language (Dutch) but I read some of them in English.

I've read the "Saga of Darren Shan", "The Demonata series", and "The Saga of Larten Crepsley".
I just found his latest book ("Palace of the Damned") in epub format and transfer them to my cellphone to read them (using the app Aldiko).
I'll probably start reading today.

Also has anyone saw the movie which has been made from his "The Saga of Darren Shan" series? I personally thought that it the film didn't do the books justice.
Mostly because some of the most important parts had been messed up, but I won't spoil anything, you just have to see it for yourself.

By coincidence I found a manga which follows the story very well I shall provide you with a link if you're interested ∞ LINK ∞
This link has a viewer mode ∞ LINK ∞
I hope you like it

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Aah, Darren Shan, as we all know him. It's so nice to see that there's actually some people that like him on this website. Darren Shan (or Darren O'Shaughnessy, according to ∞ LINK ∞ ) once visited my 'disorderly' school, as I remember, and it wasn't that much of a pleasant visit. Fortunately, that brought me to start reading his splendid novels. Good to see he's already worked on the new series - and I would like to know if anyone has read the latest publications-- or if anyone has actually heard of them? Of course, you are fans of this author and you might still be following their progress on stuff, but I'm just wondering since the countries we're from are quite significantly varied.
Sir Hobo

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Yes, I actually have heard of his newest publications. "The Saga of Larten Crepsley", vampire extraordinaire in the original Saga of Darren Shan. It is purely coincidental that I've stumbled unto this new series of his. In the frozen lands of Nardor, I was searching for the Darren Shan books in e-book format, and considering I rather like the site I use for that purpose (for those of you interested, it's the online ∞ library ∞.nu) and that it has books in the .epub format mostly, I decided to search Darren Shan. And then I stumbled upon the new saga and searched it on the Wikipedestria.

I have not read his latest things, considering I am chronologically supposed to be about to read the last book of the Demonata series, but I have decided to postpone doing this until I have reread his books. In English.

So there you have it.