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More like why waste the time and energy on something like an inefficient machine.

Living tissue is very low maintenance after all and self repairing. Nano's have a very common side effect of being eaten by just about everything. Robots don't tend to make effective organisms not that they can't. The limitation may just be due to lack of tech instead of concept, but I'd wager things are how they are in nature for a reason.

The most common issue is if we should play "God" or not.
If you're religious preferable from one of the big three its an issue if you're not then there may be a fear of the unknown.

Reps in the USA bring up Grey Blob that may be the result of a hyper intelligence rising up against its human creators if we dig too deep or something.

I'm pro H+ personally

However, that being said not many people would like to have implants some of which are already available, but with low demand.

Currently you can get things to boost yourself namely prescribed drugs, but there are side effects that can't be avoided. Its like if you use a firewood to warm your house.

There's also a matter of mortality. If humanity becomes imortal we'll either have to expand or stop out natural growth. And seeing how things are turning out it looks like we'll be contracting.

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I am frankly confused as to how someone can NOT like the idea of everyone being an immortal cyborg. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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It is very inefficient, probably. Why waste the effort trying to convert humans into cyborgs, when you can just build superior robots?