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I like and hate pride. I've come to the conclusion that pride is by greatest virtue and my biggest vice.

Ironically, pride is one of the few things frequently considered to be both.

On one hand, you have virtuous pride: Where you uphold your name and your honour, you hold yourself to your code and to your duty. In turn, you bring yourself shame if you disobey your code of honour. This type of pride is not the same as undeserved/narcissistic pride.

Undeserved/narcissistic pride is more along the lines of vanity. You consider yourself superior to others because of the way you live your life. You have an ego, and you don't fail to flaunt your brilliance.

Then there's also the other downside of pride, that you'll often stick to your pride, even when it's detrimental to yourself or others. Depending on your code, that may be more or less of a problem.(For me, my pride won't allow me to let others get harmed because of me, but in turn I will take things out on myself unduly.) If you're too proud to admit when you're wrong, that's bad. If you're too proud to give up, that's bad.

Personally I recognize that I have a problem with the negative pride, but I'm glad that it harms me far more than it harms others... it rarely harms others, and when it does, it also tries to clean up after itself.

I realize that I have a problem, but pride often comes with stubbornness, y'see? I'm not sure if I can say I like that. :/

Of course, different people use different definitions of pride and honour, it seems.

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Pride. To me, it's on Kongregate, chatroom. I'm masterhunter2. But beware, I am the attack dog. >:D