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Orcris 20 United States MelancholicCholeric INTP 5w6 71C
I know that Vista is considered the worst Windows version ever (besides ME), but what's actually wrong with it? I'm no expert on it, since my only experience on it is with Lucidity's computer, but most of the bugs in it that I've read about online are still present in Windows 7, which is well liked. For example:
- High graphics requirement: 7's graphics requirement is even higher
- Large number of crashes: People I've heard talk about Vista from say that they don't get any more BSOD's than any other Windows version.
- High startup time: At least Lucidity'a computer starts fast...
- Looks bad: I personally think that it's the best looking Windows version, and I like the sidebar a lot more than I like being able to put gadgets anywhere like you can do in 7.

Again, I'm no expert and have only used one computer with Vista, which may be an exception, but what are the actual problems with it?

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lazarony 30 United States CholericSanguine ESTJ 8w7 503C
The majority of issues people have with the Operating System are small, but notable to computing professionals.

Some quick examples:

1. User Account Control - This still exists in Windows 7, first off. The issue is that it further separated administrative privileges from the user, even assuming the user had administrative privileges through the OS. As many developers operated under the assumption that, as in the past, Windows users will be running as admins, this caused a host of problems for many executable applications. The only mitigation to this problem, really, has been time: the developer populace has become more and more used to the idea of operating without administrative privileges.

2. Driver Signing - In 64-bit versions of the OS, only vendor-signed drivers can be installed "properly." This still exists in Windows 7, but like before, it's an adaptation thing.

3. Password Reset - In some home versions of the OS, this was impossible...really a weird thing to do, but there it is nonetheless. This does not exist in Windows 7.

4. Flaws in ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) - This is a potentially big, but not huge, security flaw, as it requires existing vulnerabilities to be exploited anyway. It essentially just makes the machine more vulnerable to memory buffer overflow issues, assuming a more "surface-level" vulnerability has been exploited that allows the memory buffer to be overflowed in the first place.

5. File Operation Speed/Usability - I'm not quite up on the details on this one, just suffice it to say that many large file operations, especially across networks between two Vista machines, would be difficult or impossible to complete without using workarounds. This problem does not appear to be present in Windows 7.

All in all, there aren't terribly many differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7, but most of the features in Windows Vista that simply were not ready for release have been refined and released properly in Windows 7. Hopefully that gives you some insight.

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Orcris 20 United States MelancholicCholeric INTP 5w6 71C
Thanks. I didn't know about many of those, so that helped.