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I'm very conflicted over this show, to the point where it hurts my head.
Half of me likes it, the themes, the commentaries, etc. I generally find it entertaining and something to do when I'm bored. It's not as bad as some people think. Ignoring the, uh, just-plain-weird-parts, and Oh-God-that's-scaring-my-life-parts, I even can enjoy some fan-made material.
Half of me is, well, afraid, and somewhat ashamed. If anyone found out in real life, god knows what would happen. I know my father would disapprove. No one in school would talk to me, being the judgmental sickos most people are. I'm not even sure I'm able to let it be known here.
Also, I've not been a fan long. Just a couple months.

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I think it's a great show - I love watching it - but I can't stand how I see it everywhere. How many other fantastic shows out there get half as much acknowledgement as MLP:FiM does? It just puts me off that a show can garner such a large following, as if it was just a growing trend. There's nothing wrong with liking the show; I won't object to that. What I do object to is how a lot of people feel that a cartoon show warrants such a large fuss.

The show is good. I just can't stand the people who flaunt their love for it, and the same goes for the people who flaunt their hate for it. It's a cartoon show. I personally don't think it should be a topic to discuss any more than Spongebob Squarepants or Pokemon should be discussed: it's nice that you can share things you love with your friends, but I think it's tragic that some people can make such a big deal out of it.

For example: I had a good friend about a year back. When the MLP wave came crashing down, he got swept away completely. He loved the show, and I thought it was odd at first, but it was nothing to confront him about. The moment he figured that I wasn't as enthusiastic as he was about the show, he started talking to me less. I suddenly didn't have as many things in common with him, because it seemed that he embraced this new culture, and I, well, didn't. His other friends, who were my friends by extension, drifted away from me as well because of this. He wasn't a very good friend at all, as it turned out.

In addition to this, I know someone who so vehemently despised the show and its fans, and wanted nothing to do with it. When I told him the show wasn't as bad as he thought it was, he avoided me for the entire school year.

Generally speaking, I think it's scary how some people can be dragged along by trends in such a way that they almost live by them completely. At this point, I'm not even sure if most people are or aren't like this, seeing as we follow more trends than we realize. I'm just rambling on here, but I hope my point was clear: I don't think the show is the issue, but rather the boost of confidence and shamelessness that we, as humans, have in numbers. How we have less reluctance in doing things that other people do. Peer pressure. Or, dare I say it in risk of backfire, sheep following the shepherd.

... I just made a big deal out of people making big deals out of things. I must have social issues.

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I like the show. It's genuinely good and enjoyable. It's the kind of show geared towards girls I wanted growing up.
The downside: Some of the fans are guano-crazy, but I can ignore them. Also it took a (male) friend to get me to watch an episode after months of pestering because I heard "My Little Pony", remembered the horrible show from when I was a kid, and immediately said no.

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EDIT: Okay, after seeing Corelis' post, I think I should probably edit this.

It's a nicely animated show with good characters and voice acting and so on. I thought it was kind of weird at first how everyone liked it so much, but then I saw my first episode and started to get into it as well. As I said, it's a nice show but personally, I dislike the fan-base, and how popular it is. For example, back when the episodes were still being made, even if you went on a video on YouTube unrelated to it, you were almost certain to find MLP.

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I feel like I have to object to disliking the fanbase because of that. I don't think there exists a fanbase of anything that wouldn't produce less tasteful material too, given the fanbase is large enough. The larger the fandom, the more there will be of that, too. And because bronies are quite visible as a fandom, the dark side of that fandom naturally gets more spotlight too than that of some other fandom like it. I don't think they are any worse in that respect as any other fanbase - I peruse fanmade content regularly, and I haven't come across any explicit material without knowing what I am getting myself into or deliberately seeking it out, as was the case for Cupcakes, which I researched a bit out of interest. The most significant fansites like EquestriaDaily or FiMfiction are either completely clean of such material, or have a setting you have to specifically turn on to find anything explicit. Outside some dodgy sites or fan forums, I don't think one really encounters anything like that if one doesn't specifically look for such stuff, and I suppose most fan forums have rules against linking to such material, either at all or without marking it NSFW.

Besides, if you hate bronies, wouldn't it make more sense to unhate the show itself and hate the aspect specifically made for the fandom, ∞ Bronies ∞?