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    Ah, yes! Britain! My birthplace. How I've grown so fond of this island I live on. The same island that once held the biggest empire in known history, me laddo!

    I really do live Britain. I mean, the cold weather keeps me on my toes, the many cultures that walk the streets and the sheer politeness that I might say is even enforced! (I swear that people told me that I forgot to say please many times.)

    Yeah, so the government is a bit of a tripe nowadays (save for Boris Johnson) and the streets have a fair share of hooligans either on the alcohol or looking for laughs. But hey, nothing's perfect! No matter how many flaws pop up here and there, I still love GB.

    In fact.... I've made a little ode to this wonderful island I had the greatest of luck being born in.

    'Britannia the island, so small and yet so rich.
    A wonderful place full of street lamps, Which
    were actually once little boys who would
    guide silly drunkards across the street, poor dudes.
    But anyway! Where was I? Ah, yes.
    Britain, with it's wonderful egg and cress.
    I never had one, truth be told
    But I did have one which was sold
    By a rather shady gent behind the sandwich shop.
    He had 3 hats and a bottle of cola pop. O_o
    He gave a sandwich smothered in ketch up.
    It was my birthday.'

    The Enderooni!